Tuesday, December 13

Harry Coade Novation Impulse Routine

Harry Coade getting down on the new Novation Impulse midi controller. Speaking of Impulse, I checked one out at the local big box music store the other day and was quite impressed with it - only thing chintzy are the faders... but let's face it, Novation had to cut the corner somewhere to make these so damn cheap. Check the Champion Sound:

"Performance by London artist Harry Coade putting the Novation Impulse controller keyboard through it's paces. The movie was shot in East London and is a Dub-influenced Big Beat routine with Ableton Live in the background." -Novation

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Producer Packs said...

That was amazing, i gotta get practising for a show in a couple of hours but i will definitely have a look at this keyboard next time im looking for new gear.