Wednesday, December 28

Soundcells Nordic Red!

Soundcells released this amazing new FREE refill for Christmas called Nordic Red, but having been visiting my sister in Oregon I just got around to downloading it today. Here's the lowdown, Nordic Red is based on samples from the legendary Nord Modular G2X Synthesizer. The G2X's modular environment made it great for creating self-playing patches, called "Noodles", which is what Nordic Red is based upon. These patches are great to use as soundbeds for starting tracks or creating ambient washes of sonic delight. Some of my favorite of the twenty included combinators are Fragments, Machine, Nightlife 2 and War Neuroses. In addition to the NNXT and combi patches is a folder containing the raw sample material, making it easy for anyone to use the material in any sampler of their choosing - I'm planning on loading some of these into a few of my favorite Reaktor granular synths later today ;-). Info on how to get your copy of Nordic Red for FREE can be found at

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