Sunday, August 1

Generations ReFill from Reason 101

Rob at just released a brand new Reason ReFill full of the killer complex patches he's been demonstrating on his website for the last month! I've had the pleasure of already checking out this refill and there's a lot to delve into here. My initial favorites include the drum kit and granular synthesis combinators. I'm going to be doing a full video review shortly, in the mean time here's some details from

This isn’t your older brother’s typical refill! The Reason 101 “Generations” refill is a collection of some very deep Modular Audio Processing Systems capable of redefining and regenerating your sound. There are also some very powerful Layered Synths, Drum Kits, Arps, Samplers, and all manner of synth device patches to wet your sonic appetite. Over 600 patches, loops and samples. The refill is approximately 30 MB in size, and will work with Reason 4 and above, as well as Reason+Record 1.0 and above.

What files are included in this refill?

9 Modular Audio Processing Systems (14 .rns template files)
ADP (Audio Drum Processing) System
ACS (Audioplay Control System)
EMG (Evolving Mood Generator)
FM6 (Mono FM 6-Op Playground)
EPG (Evolving Pad Generator)
RAM (Random Audio Madness)
EEF (EQ-Echo-Filter) System
DRS (Deep ReGlitch System)
BPS (Bass Processing System)
94 Combinators (Arps, Drum Kits, FX, Layered, Pads, Samplers, Synths)
Massive Drum Kits & More
280 Thor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Leads, Pads, Synths, Textures)
87 Malstrom patches (Bass, Drums, Pads, Synths, Textures)
103 Subtractor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Pads, Synths)
21 DrRex loops (from 80 bpm – 160 bpm; mainly used for showcasing some of the combinator examples)
11 Samples (.wav files; mainly used for showcasing some of the grain sampler combinators)
10 Demo Songs courtesy of Hydlide (.rns files)

For more information and to purchase go to Reason 101

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