Tuesday, August 3

DRS (Deep ReGlitch System) for Reason 4

As some of you probably noticed, I didn't post anything last week.
Long story short I was out of town and the hotel had lousy internet
service. Anyhow, I missed out on posting many of the teaser videos
for Reason 101's Generations ReFill. So this week I'm going to be
posting some of my favorites of the bunch, starting with the DRS -
Deep ReGlitch System:

The DRS (Deep ReGlitch System) is a modular mega glitch system
used within Reason 4 or Reason+Record 1.0 and above, where
you can load your own sounds and then process them through a
series of Glitch effect Combinators. Enable or disable each effect
using the arrows and. Once a device is enabled, shape the
parameters using the other rotaries and buttons.

Reason 101

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