Saturday, June 9

The Synthesis Collection ReFill!

Tom Pritchard has long been one of my favorite sound designers on the Reason platform - from his work with Nucleus SoundLab to his own commercial soundbanks. Three of my favorite refills from Tom are now included in the Synthesis Collection ReFill available now thru Nucleus SoundLab! With 200 unique sounds, containing all of the patches from the Fatbank, Portals and Arps Volume One refills, the Synthesis Collection ReFill is a no brainer for anyone that hasn't picked up Tom's amazing work. Here's the down low on each component:
Arps Volume One comprises 100 stunning Combinator patches. These patches use Reason's RPG-8 arpeggiator and Thor synthesiser to create beautiful and unique sounds that add movement and depth to your music. Each patch has been meticulously refined and tweaked to inspire, with Combinator encoders mapped to useful functions to help you find a sound that sits perfectly in your mix. From sublime melodic patches that use Thor's sequencer in tandem with the RPG-8 to deliver wonderful complexity, to roaring full-fat bass synths and crisp, digital soundscapes, these patches can add that special something to every composition.
FatBank contrains 50 chunky Combinator patches, with 12 round basses, 30 sequence synths (including throbbing bass sequences, chunky chords and pulsating riffs) and 8 soaring leads! These patches pack a massive punch with seriously deep basses and soaring tones that can cut through any mix. Each sequence patch also enables you to disable the sequencer, giving you 30 mono and polysynth patches if you'd prefer to use your own sequences.
Portals gives you 50 huge Combinator pads and atmospheres. Take your music to another dimension with glacial pads, evolving glitch textures and otherworldy ambience! These Combinators layer Reason's Malstrom and Substractor synthesisers to form organic, evocative tones.
The Synthesis Collection ReFill is available now for $30!

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