Friday, June 22

Moogerfooger MF-104M

Moog Music have announced a remarkable new addition to the Moogerfooger line-up - the MF-104M Analog Delay! What is that you say? They already had an analog delay? Well check out the backside:
The "M" in MF-104M stands for MIDI, as in control all the parameters from your favorite DAW! But there's more than just midi that makes this new delay special - like a 6 wave-shape LFO that "significantly expands the sonic capabilities of this Classic Analog Delay. Use it to create expansive delays that transport you through time, beautifully modulate the delay trails, or create sounds and delays that are simply out of this world." The MF-104 also comes with the spill-over mod built-in that controls whether "delay trails end or continue when you disengage the Delay." On the backside there's also the additional CV inputs for LFO rate and amount. Check out the videos:
Sneak Peak:

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