Monday, June 4

MULTIVOX RHYTHM ACE FR-3 | Vintage Rhythm Box

There's something magical about many of the old rhythm boxes made originally to accompany organs. Here's a video from AnalogAudio1 running the MULTIVOX Rhythm Ace FR-3 thru it's paces:
"This is a quite rare little analog rhythm box from 1979. The features are nothing special, but the sound overall is much better than other rhythm boxes of that era. It has a deep bassdrum and a crispy snare.
It's from MULTIVOX, not ACE Electronics (former Roland). Before the Multivox came along, Ace Electronics made several rhythm boxes which are also called "Rhythm Ace". These have nothing to do with the Multivox. The mechanical hardware looks to me like old Korg Minipops units. Was Korg involved? ;-)
All rhythms are combinable. I played the Multivox with a little reverb."

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