Tuesday, June 5

My Holy Grail

For me the EMS Polysynthi is the instrument equivalent to the Holy Grial. Only a few working models are in existence! Below scienceforce shows exactly what this amazing synth is capable of:
"This is one of the few and working EMS Polysynthi, produced between the '78 and 79 in ONLY 29 exemplars. As far I know the last Peter Zinovieff work. Space look... totally amazing, it's sound is magic!
It's fully polyphonic with built in analog delay and chorus (both CV/keyboard touch controllable) Two cv-lfo's with many combinations, modulable also from keyboard aftertouch, filter is very very nice selectable from 2 to 4 poles, envelope follower for external signals and many other features.
For me is one of the best polyphonic synthesizers ever made with unique sound and an incredible look.
This is a small psychedelic ambient sounds demo with both the enevelopes auto triggered from one cvlfo."

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