Thursday, June 28

PMC103 - Faces 12" Series V.3 - Sekuoia / Rain Dog

Project: Mooncircle & Finest Ego tag team 12":
"Faces number three will invite the two young producers Sekouia and Rain Dog to share sides on this disc and expose their musical crafts. Coming from Denmark and the UK, respectively, they are with certainty looking forward to long-lasting succesful careers. What they share is a an intrinsic feel for tiny musical details which give their music an intimate feel to keep the listener mesmerized for ages. On this record they experiment with different sounds and tempos to create a dynamic collection of unique compositions that congregate an EP of colourful, low slung and ambient tunes or simply 'chocolatefudgebrownieplasticmusic'."
Available July 27th on Project: Mooncircle

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