Sunday, March 11

Phi Sequence Dark & Light!

Rob over @ has a pair of new cds out, called Dark & Light! Dark is an original album featuring 16 tracks and clocking in at over 67 minutes of the glitchy ambient IDM Phi Sequence is known for creating. And Dark is also a great showcase of what is possible with Reason, Rob says that "90% of this album was made entirely with Reason 6 and the Reason 6 FSB". The second LP, Light is a remix record of Dark featuring tracks by James Hopkins, Mr Meeks, BashCoder, Mick Comito, Dig Team One, Holly Nelson, Epigenetik, and Rob even remixes himself!

Dark & Light are available for $9.99 each in either a download format or CD!



"Art is not solitary. In order to grow, we must listen to others and open ourselves up to reinterpretations of our work. This project comprises the work of 8 musicians and producers who provided their talents and skills to reinvent my work. The concept was simple. I provided 20 songs they could remix in any way they chose. This is the outcome.

When I started this project, I had no idea how far it would reach, how much I would learn, nor how much feedback
I would get. What I received in return was innovative and inspiring. The work speaks for itself. And I am truly grateful to call them my friends. My eternal appreciation to them for providing their time and artistic vision. I am humbled for the experience."

- Rob / Phi Sequence – February, 2012

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