Thursday, March 15

Soundcells Greenhouse ReFill Version 2!

Soundcells has updated their Greenhouse ReFill to Version 2! As some of you may remember I reviewed Greenhouse back in August of 2011 and from the looks of it this update has made a fantastic refill even better:

"Greenhouse v2 is an awesome ReFill based on samples coming from the popular Synplant software synthesizer; without doubt, one of the most innovative plugins of recent years. Greenhouse contains 155+ combinator patches that provide an insight into the highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer. In addition, some One-Shot-FX kits are included to let you produce some glitchy electro beats. Greenhouse also includes 35+ drum samples (as well as 11 Rex files highly processed with additional EQing, compressing...) from the MicroTonic plugin. Version 2 is adding 30 combinator patches based on 370+ new Synplant samples..."

Greenhouse v2 Contents:

• 159 combinator patches full of the typical and widely acclaimed Synplant character.

• 135 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators, 7 Redrum kits.

• 850 Synplant samples, 830 MB uncompressed.

• 37 drum samples and 11 Rex loops coming from the MicroTonic plugin.

Greenhosue v2 is available for 19.90€ until April 10th!

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