Saturday, January 21

The Theory II - Arcanum

This new ReFill from 3rd Floor Sound - The Theory II - Arcanum looks awesome:
The Theory II - Arcanum continues where The Theory left off, by including every possible pentatonic, hexatonic, and heptatonic(5, 6, and 7 note) scale, and all the chords that match them. All told there are 189 scales on each root note, for a total of 2,268 scales. When broken up into modes that’s 1254 on each note, or 15,048 scales. It’s likely there are scales in this refill that no one’s ever written songs in.

7 Scale Map files containing every possible scale mapped across the entire keyboard.

286 total Reason 6 song files or 572 reason 5 and record 1.5 song files, 286 for each program.

18 scale map Cross Reference files showing which scales fit into others, allowing you to broaden the range of chords you can use.

Available today for $34.95 @

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