Monday, January 16

Soundcells Salad Bar v.6

Soundcells has updated their Salad Bar Ever Growing ReFill to version 6! Salad Bar showcases patches from Soundcells many refills as well as patches from Soundcells future releases, so it serves as a great introduction to Soundcells vast library.

Salad Bar v6 Contents:

• 297 combinator patches in 8 different folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, SaladBar_exclusive (currently 95 'Salad Bar Only' ones).

• 279 well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT and ReDrum and also 60 rex loops.

• The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds.

• 8 tracks in RNS format - inspiring with high 'tutorialesque' value.

Pick up Salad Bar ReFill v.6 for 9.90 € today!

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