Friday, January 6

MLR in Reaktor!

David Howe is recreating Brian Crabtree's MLR for monome in Reaktor:

"The original MLR was written in Max/Msp by Brian Crabtree, inventor of the Monome. I have rebuilt his program in another language, Reaktor for many reasons: to best understand how a program works, bottom up; because I would like to see the program have more functionality, and I am more fond/capable of/with Reaktor over Max/Msp; and because Reaktor adds certain features that Max/Msp does not allow for. For one, the ability to use any program created in Reaktor as a VST, automatically in your favorite DAW.

After I am complete advancing the program the way I would like to in Reaktor, I will code it in C as a standalone program." -david howe


Anonymous said...

code it in C?
how about releasing it as a Reaktor Ensemble?

Lewis.72 said...

No doubt! I'd be interested.