Wednesday, January 25

Propellerhead Alt Drums ReFills - Ryan Greene Drum LIbrary

New from Propellerhead - Ryan Greene Alt Drums ReFills:
High energy punk and rock needs hard hitting drums. Treat your tracks with this great collection of sampled drums by industry leading record producer Ryan Greene. Nine carefully recorded drum kits played by five outstanding drummers with three different microphone settings, all masterfully engineered and put together by a legendary punk rock producer. Now you can have it all. Alt Drums includes combinators with custom reverb, compressor, and distortion patches designed to keep your drums sounding huge and powerful no matter how many layers of guitars you pile on top of them and MIDI files of live-played beats in a variety of hard-hitting genres for you to load up into your song and go.

Listen to the three different kits @ and in the mean time check out the promo:

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Anonymous said...

Why has nobody been screaming about the refills? They are GAME-CHANGERS for sure! No other platform that I've used (all of them) provides the flexibility endless tweakability of Reason and when you add the absolute best sounding drums you're EVER gonna get with Alt Drums, NOTHING ELSE comes close to what you can accomplish with this.
If you write songs that would require Acoustic Drums sounds and produce those songs and ESPECIALLY if you use Reason to do that, I don't see why you wouldn't watch this demo, hear those sounds and not want that for your music.
I though RDK2 was innovative in it's format, but most of the sounds sucked.
This has THE BEST format (in Reason) and THE BEST sounds!!!