Sunday, November 20

Floe from New Atlantis Audio

New Reason ReFill from New Atlantis Audio - Floe:
"In the tradition of the acclaimed and best-selling Polar Elements, Floe is an all new collection of stunning ambient winter-themed Combinator instruments and ensembles. Icy pads, bone-chilling frozen soundscapes, arpeggiated motifs and more.

Floe is powered by a brand new set of our custom-designed 24 bit granular field recording soundscapes, 80MB worth, with loop points and root notes embedded within for easy mixing, matching and experimentation. Drop these source files into any sample player in the rack to create new instruments of your own, or drop them directly onto your Reason timeline and loop away.

If you are creating soundtracks, ambient, new age, chillout, downtempo or just need to inject some dramatic and chilly vibes into your music and scoring projects projects, this ReFill is for you.

Floe is compatible with Reason 5 and up, with a handful of patches making use of some of the new effects in Reason 6."

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 80MB Source Samples

Floe Reason ReFill by Rackflip

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