Saturday, September 17

Apparat, making of "The Devil's Walk" pt.1

Part 1 of the making of "The Devil's Walk", Apparat's forthcoming album on Mute (release date September 27th.) The recording began with a group of friends joining Sascha Ring (Apparat) in Sayulita, Mexico for a couple months to escape the cold winters of Berlin and Chicago. The friends included Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, Alfredo Nogueira (who joined Joshua live on the last Telefon Tel Aviv tour), Carsten Aermes (Phon.o), and remix master Jörg Wähner (Park Frequency). Sounds like the perfect setting! Check it:

Filmed and edited by Immo König.

Check out the single "Song of Los", from The Devil's Walk:

Apparat - Song Of Los by Mute UK

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