Friday, September 2

E.H. Goldhammer Videos!

Just ran across these videos by E.H. Goldhammer on Vimeo this morning. Cool! Cool! Cool! Nice time lapse footage mixed with gear pron.

In the Pocket (Rhodes and Moog Light Paint):

"Extreme LFO sightings in Rhodes Island.
Original music by Ethan Goldhammer and S. Burke.
Time Lapse footage shot in August 2009 on Block Island, RI.
Stop motion and light paint September 2009 in Cambridge, MA."

Deep Sweep:

"Block Island, Rhode Island. Summer 2009-2010
Grand Piano > Echoplex Tape Delay > Moog Low Pass with ▲ LFO
Piano by Bradford Alderman
Filtration, Feedback, and Camerawork by Ethan Goldhammer"

E.H. Goldhammer Sites:

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