Monday, September 26

New Dave Smith Tempest Sounds on Soundcloud

Chris Randall, of Audio Damage, posted a couple of clips on Soundcloud of Dave Smith's Tempest Analog Drum Machine. Chris, along with Richard Devine and I'm sure others are currently working on designing sounds for the coming master drum machine. Randall also has a write up about it on Analog Industries worth checking out. Interesting information in the comments section, like Goldbaby and FXpansion providing sample content for the drum machine... as well as the waveforms Dave brought over from the infamous Prophet VS! Chris calls the envelopes "some of the best...I have come across." It sounds like in addition to being an amazing drum machine the Tempest will also be a capable synth from the comments of DSI staffer Pym:
"The synth implementation hasn't been fully fleshed out but it will be in an early OS update. It will be pretty similar to the way our current synths are handled with far more flexible polyphony and layering options. The main difference in the voice structure is 5 envelopes/2 LFOs in the Tempest compared to 3 envelopes/4 LFOs in our other synths."

Here's the clips:

DSI Tempest Quick Test 2 by Chris Randall

DSI Tempest Quick Test 1 by Chris Randall

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