Saturday, August 8

Line 6 Guitar Amp modeling in record

One of my favorite things about record is the Line 6 guitar and bass amp modeling. Which if you know I currently don't own either a guitar or a bass seems strange on the surface... but what I love about these devices is the ability to route anything thru them. Searing leads, dubby basses and best of all.... beats! Below is an example of just that, a looped beat from the latest Gruss Pack thrown thru the Line 6 guitar amp modeling device, set to "Bassy Drive", with a 1968 4x12 greenback cabinet, and the middle turned up a touch. I could see The Beasties trade rhymes over this one:

(2 bars without amp, 4 bars with amp, 6 bars swept with the on-board wah, 2 bars with amp to the end)

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