Monday, July 6

Copy Machine

Here's another one from the Props board I'm putting up here for posterity. Text from the board:

Made a new combinator this morning! Originally I was trying to make a Reason version of Squarewave Parade's "Teaspoon":

Square Wave Parade

After I started making it I incorporated some of my favorite elements of Shuriken's Copy Shop:

Shuriken's Copy Shop

Hence the name Copy Machine. Probably nothing new to a lot of you, but I thought I'd share...

It has a basic repeater in the blue section. Some pattern alterations controlled in the red section (courtesy of Malstrom's Mod A section controlling the CV of a DDL-1's feedback.) And finally the grey sections are controls for the filter that only works on the repeating sounds. The Pitch-bend controls the frequency (and a bit of resonance) while the Mod Wheel controls the rate of the filter - because the filter is being controlled by Malstrom's Mod B. Here's an RPS example:

Copy Machine.rps

and the combi:


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