Tuesday, February 12

Glitchmachines FRAGMENT - Promo Video

Glitchmachines the sound design company that creates a lot of the content for Twisted Tools amazing Reaktor ensembles has a new sound pack out called FRAGMENT:

"FRAGMENT is the first installment in our new MACROPACK series. Macropacks are affordable sample packs that feature collaborations with cutting edge software developers and sound designers. Fragment features 300 sound effects by Ivo Ivanov, an exclusive plugin from Inear Display and a custom Lemur template from Antonio Blanca!

The lo-fi character of this sample pack is perfectly suited for projects in need of aggressive, provocative, and mind-bending material. Sourced from a private collection of circuit bent hardware, these samples were skillfully layered and processed to offer a fresh perspective on the sonic range typically associated with bent sounds."

FRAGMENT is available now for $9 USD from glitchmachines.com


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