Thursday, January 31

Korg Polysix+ Extension ReFill Review

alternating.bit posted a video review of Navi Retlav's Extension Refill - Korg Polysix+ on youtube, check it:



Speaking of Navi Retlav, he's currently running a giveaway on the PUF, here's the down low:

"Hi, I’m very close to new refill release. It will be something special.

Something that will contain , Kong patches, Rex files, ReGrove patches, and Combinator synths made out of Mid-Side recordings processed by Izotope Iris.

I’m so excited about this, that I want to share some of my paid refills for free.

It’s a “Navi Retlav Refills Giveaway” time.

I will randomly throw refills to half of the new subscribers/existing customers that will participate.

All what you have to do is:

1) Check my refill page and select your prize.

2) Write a comment in PUF, which refill you want?

3) Subscribe to my email newsletter, or update your data.

Giveaway starts now, and ends in 10th February 2013

My emails are very rare, one per month or less, so no worries about spam.

Most of them includes a new release info and some free content, like free Doomsday Bell refill last time.

If you are existing customer, please check your email box, since my last campaign was successful in 75%, and that means that some of you didn’t look in to my email at all.

Maybe it’s in the spam box by accident ? Search for

Good Luck."


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