Thursday, July 5

Sugar Bytes Cyclop Bass Tutorial from Vespers

Ableton Certified Trainer Vespers takes an in depth look at Sugar Bytes new Cyclop Bass Synthesizer:
"In this tutorial video I do a full review and tutorial on the main features of the new Sugar-Bytes monophonic bass synth, Cyclop. Cyclop is a modulation monster, with the huge wobble knob, fx knob, sound knob and effects sequencer. You can choose from 9 distortion modes and 6 oscillator / synthesizer types including super saws, analog sync, fm, transformer (wavetable / granular engine), the additive spectromat, and the phase stressor phase distortion sound engine.
Anyone who's a fan of dub step and video arcade games will love this one! It has a built in video game and the whole interface looks very Atari.
It's certainly found a place in my plugin library, which is a hard thing to do these days. I'm enjoying getting to know it better and mangling sounds with it in my tunes. Enjoy!"

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