Monday, July 16

NovaDrone v1.3

Casper Electronics new NovaDrove v1.3:
"This video is of TWO linked NovaDrones WITH REVERB. I don't normally add effects to my instruments for videos but it sounds so good that I couldn't resist. I'm currently looking into methods of building reverb into future models. This is the third iteration of the NovaDrone I have designed over the past few months. One of the main developments over the last version is the addition of a link port which lets you plug multiple units together to share power and mix the audio to a single output.
The NovaDrone is an analog sound and light synthesizer. It is completely open source and hackable. I will be selling (as of august 2012) PCBs, kits and assembled units or you can just use the plans to build your own."
More information on the NovaDrone at

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