Tuesday, July 31

Reason Wizardry Season Two!

The second season of Nucleus Soundlab's Reason Wizardry tutorial videos is now available! Season two has over 7 hours of video footage captured at crisp 800x600 resolution (some even larger) with an accompanying 68 example patches. These videos are the best way to dive deeper into the Reason platform and create your own unique sounds! Here's the list of topics:
-Wavesequencing in Reason
-Envelope Followers
-Hybrid Modular Synths in Reason
-Advanced Thor Step Sequencer Usage
-Reason 5 New Device Tips (Kong, Combinator CV Inputs, Sampling and more)
-Sampling VST Instruments into Reason
-MultiLoop Technology (as seen in NanoSequences)
-Ear Training - for Sound Design
-Malstrom In-Depth
-Reason CPU Testing
Pick up Season 2 of Reason Wizardry today for $29 USD from Nucleus-SoundLab.com

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