Thursday, February 23

Soundcells - Pads The BIG Box v.3

Received an e-mail from Harald Karla of Soundcells about the release of version 3 of their Pads The Big Box ReFill:
Pads - the BIG box v3 contains more than 470 fantastic combinator patches to give you all you need when searching for atmospheric patches, conventional pads - bright or dark, inspiring soundscapes, rhythmical pads, fx & experimental sounds and more... The variety of sonic atmospheres coming from three original ReFills makes this collection very complete so chances are big that you´ll find what you are looking for while browsing for the right pad.
Version 3 is adding 30 new combinator patches (based on both, the Reason synthesizers and new samples) which are making use of the stunning Reason 6 effect units...


• 470+ combinator patches (92 "BIG box" only ones) in 11 different folders.

• 550+ well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT (the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds)

• Lots of inspiring demo tracks included.

Pads The Big Box V.3 is on sale for 44.90€ until March 10th! Be sure to check out the demo mp3s at, some great tracks by Harald, as well as Jonson, Harding and my man Adam Fielding!

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