Sunday, February 26

Ned Rush = Reason 6 Audio Synth

New Reason video uploaded today from Mr.Ned Rush! Dig it:

Warning - received a comment suggesting this video should be taken down because of a joke Ned makes in the first minute, I apologize to anyone that watched it and was offended... the tutorial part of this video starts around the 1 minute mark and if you are offended by dark humor I'm recommending you watch the video from that point.

"hello and welcome to a new era of the same drunken bullshit from me and my laptop. here i show you how to sing into Reason 6 and makes a synth come out. Thanks for watching you slaaaaaaaaaaaaags" -Mr.Ned Rush


Anonymous said...

You should remove this in light of the Adelle comments.

Kosh Dukai said...

Ned videos make me LOL a lot :D

Thanks Ned ;)