Friday, February 3

New Atlantis Audio - Transmisions

New Atlantis Audio is back with a brand new ReFill for Reason - Transmissions:
Boldly go where no man’s gone before! Transmissions is a collection of playable instruments and soundscape generators powered by specially crafted 24bit/96khz stereo sample material inspired by deep space NASA communications, anomalous SETI signals and dark digital mishaps, designed with only the most adventurous space traveller in mind. Evolving pads, super cinematic atmospheres, fx, glitches, and more.

Mix and match these seamlessly-looping soundscapes, motifs, gestural textures and instrumental tones within the playable Combinators to create epic sci-fi soundscapes, atmosphers and instruments that evolve, twist, turn and throb into orbit. Featuring multilayered soundscapes, single playable instruments, and even some examples which combine acoustic instrument patches from the Reason Factory Soundbank for awesome cinematic ensembles.

The soundscape patches you hear in the audio demo are performed by holding a single key on the keyboard! Transmissions is perfect for scoring projects, game music, or any production that can use a dose of zero gravity ambience.

Loop points and root notes are embedded in every file for easy integration. Load them into any sampler instrument, drop them directly into the Reason timeline and tweak your way into uncharted territory, thanks to the complex and evolving nature of the material. You are highly encouraged to experiment with loop points and sample start settings to create an endless number of spaced out instruments and sounds of your own. The included instruments only begin to scratch the surface.

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 350MB Samples, 24bit/96khz Audio

Available from for $19.99 USD!

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