Wednesday, February 1

Reaktor: Revealed! have just released a series on designing and building ensembles in Reaktor called Reaktor: Revealed. Now I've really been exploring Reaktor lately, and no doubt the tutorials on using some of Reaktor's greatest ensembles has been a big reason for that. But I've been hoping for a long time that someone would do a video series on building in Reaktor - so when I saw the below videos on Reaktor: Revealed I became excited! macProVideo enlisted the help of veteran Reaktor builder Brian Cass for this series, who is a familiar name to anyone d/ling ensembles from Reaktor User Library. Here's a taste:

Reaktor Anatomy:

Multi-mode Oscillator:

Signal Path:

Reaktor: Revealed is a total of 133 minutes long and consists of 35 separate chapters. It appears from the chapter outline that this series is primarily about building synthesizers in Reaktor and deals with everything from oscillators, envelopes, filters, lfos, romplers, routing and clocking! For $25 you can access this series as well as the 302 other macProVideo on-line titles for 1 month, or for $29.50 you can get a HD download version of Reaktor: Revealed only... what do you think?

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