Thursday, January 21

HAITI2010 - monome Community

I saw this on MATRIXSYNTH, and seeing as it's for a good cause, thought it was worthy of a repost:

The HAITI2010 album by the monome Community is now available to the public with 100% of the sale proceeds being donated to Médecins Sans Frontières. The monome user base is a collection of people from across the world brought together via the innovative, open source music production hardware that is the monome, They pride themselves on a tight-knit, proactive, and helpful community, where collaborations and projects are frequently happening, the outputs of which range from new software patches to share, to Creative Commons track and album collaborations. When the community came up with the idea of a compilation album to generate charity donations in light of the terrible disaster in Haiti, einpuls started gathering tracks for the album and the monome community answered swiftly with more than 25 tracks being submitted in just a couple of days. The community teamed up with Summer Rain Recordings to compile the compilation, with the end result being a 27 track album, each track contributed for free. The minimum price for the compilation has been set to $1 with no upper limit. Every penny helps, so please donate what you can.

Track artist:
einpuls, Visinin, The General, Pauk, Glimmertone, Watson, Math Rosen, Lokey, Island Dweller, Oldman Intel, Made By Robot, Auditory Canvas, I Am Genko, Raja The Resident Alien, Samuel and the Dragon, Damien Shingleton, Maersk, The Superorganism, Modulogeek+Shoemucker, Beatpoet, The B-Roll, Hypno|sapien, Kid_Sputnik, The Sweaty Caps, HenderSounds, Dat Niks Klank, Swimming, Kcain/Tehn.

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