Friday, February 7

Roland Aira - It's coming soon!


Roland continues the Aira tease campaign with two new videos today and a couple of actual product photos! The second video describes the Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology Roland developed for these products which "faithfully captures the sound and feel of some our most revered classics. ACB is the technology behind the authentic sound and responsive behavior of the AIRA products. It utilizes original design specs, consultation with original engineers, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit in Roland's own pristine units." It's good to finally know something about the technology used to make the Aira product line, and while I'm still not fully sold on it, I do so want one of the white Roland jumpsuits worn by the engineers in the second video!


"With roots in the very origins of electronic music, AIRA is the new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of today's electronic musicians. In the studio or on the stage, AIRA brings genre-defining sound and modern performance features to a new generation."

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