Saturday, February 15

Deepwater is Live!

Brent Kallmer from Bluewater VST has a new premium content Reaktor site! Deepwater dives deeper into Reaktor with monthly comprehensive guides to Reaktor ensembles and weekly members only videos. Check it out:

"Dear REAKTOR User,

You know me—you’ve probably heard me say “Hey guys, what’s up? Brent Kallmer from Bluewater VST” a whole bunch of times. I’ve been pulling back the curtain on REAKTOR for years, sharing tips and tricks on YouTube and here on Bluewater VST. During this time, I’ve also dreamed of setting up a premium REAKTOR community, a place where people could come together to go deeper into what I consider the most powerful music production software ever created.

The Truth: REAKTOR People Are Not “Typical” Producers

Hundreds of interactions with producers have taught me that REAKTOR users are a different breed—because REAKTOR is not for the faint of heart. It takes an adventurous person to even launch the program… In fact, many KOMPLETE owners report that they have been too intimidated to dive in to the universe of REAKTOR. But for the select group that has the musical curiosity and perseverance to enter the world of REAKTOR, there’s no looking back. If you are a member of this daring group, I invite you to be a part of Bluewater VST’s new premium REAKTOR learning community…"

Introducing Deepwater!

Deepwater is a premium REAKTOR learning membership. As a Deepwater member, you’ll receive:

  • a comprehensive guide to one of REAKTOR’s glorious ensembles every month (best part: you vote for the ensemble you want to see covered the following month!).
  • weekly, members-only videos on REAKTOR.

Subscribe today to Deepwater for the introductory rate of $12.99 a month!

Photograph courtesy of Brian Skerry, National Geographic

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