Tuesday, February 18

MOOG SOUND LAB | Lost in the Trees | Past Life

Chapel Hill's Lost in the Trees shows off the title track to their album Past Life, released today on ANTI:

"In all honesty, I was slightly nervous walking in to the Moog factory for our session. We had little planned besides what song we were going to play. With the unlimited options for sounds from the many instruments available and our limited knowledge of analog synths, I figured the session could have gone either way. The nervousness faded quickly with the guidance of the wonderful folks at Moog who taught me that it's really ok to just turn knobs until it sounds cool. Anyone listening to the first half hour of us trying to figure out the song might have thought we were completely over our heads, but then suddenly Past Life started to emerge. Before we knew it we had dialed in some magic and were really enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of the sounds and music we were making. We are obviously enjoying it so much that we cant seem to stop repeating the ending over and over again, like we are figuring out something new and wonderful we could play on our Moogs with each refrain." -Bassist Mark Daumen


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