Tuesday, October 11

Pureffects ReFill from Reason 101!

Robert Anselmi from Reason101.net has a new effects refill out for Reason 6 called Pureffects. This refill features effects patches created with Reason 6's 3 new effects devices - from gates to echoes to warm compression, as well as reverbs, vocoders, distortion and amps created with Reason's other great effects devices. The part of the refill that has me most intrigued is the keyboard controllable FX patches for live performance use! Here's a rundown:

200 Combinators (135 unique effect patches and 65 keyboard-controlled & Kong pad-controlled effect patches)
200 Pulveriser patches
200 The Echo patches
200 Alligator patches
108 Scream patches
100 RV7000 patches
242 Line 6 Amp patches
34-page PDF User Guide

Pureffects can be ordered today thru Reason101.net for $49 USD!

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