Tuesday, April 30

Loupe 2!


Now available @ ReaktorTips.com - Loupe 2! The latest Reaktor Ensemble creation from Peter Dines is a super CPU friendly Sample-based Granular Beastie with an awesome auto-slice feature:

"What is Loupe? It's a Reaktor ensemble that assigns freeform sections of a sample to different MIDI notes and allows them to be pitched, reversed, resized, filtered and enveloped individually. The incoming MIDI notes do not repitch the sample directly , but you can manually adjust each slice / key's tuning to create more complex melodic variation out of your source sample.

It works fantastically well to transform and remix a five to ten second musical phrase, a beat loop, a few seconds of a full song, or even a field recording of a drunk guy swearing at a lamp post. There is music lurking everywhere, sometimes in other music, sometimes in the notes between the notes, in the hissy crackle of decaying note tails on old vinyl samples, and Loupe will help you find it."



Delay Mode:

Adding Samples:

Buy Loupe 2 today for $15 USD @ ReaktorTips.com!!!

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