Thursday, April 25

Korg MS20 Mini Processed by Elektron Analog Four

Mr.Dataline pairs the MS20 mini with an Elektron Analog Four, a match made in heaven:

"There are 5 improvisation sessions in this video using this setup.

Analog Four is sending out CV sequence for pitch tracking, low pass filter and high pass filter on the MS20 mini. The output of the MS20 is then fed through the Analog Four's input using Filters, Overdrive and Digital effects. With this setting, the MS20 mini can be taken lot further by sequencing and adding automation to parameters. And when the Analog Four's Filters and Digital FX are added...well, its fun :) Using the Analog Four's extreme LFOs on MS20 Mini's filters results in some very interesting sounds which are not possible on the MS20 mini itself.

Track 1 is used for Analog four's input processing MS20. It also triggers the CV track controlling MS20's Pitch.

Track 2 is used for Kick

Track 3 is set for HiHats and Snares

Track 4 is used for Additional Analog Four synthesis."

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