Wednesday, December 5

Chroma and Gris Gris Sequenced Monosynth for Reaktor

Peter Dines creates some of my favorite commercial Reaktor ensembles, and his latest - the Chroma and Gris Gris Sequenced Monosynth looks killer! The Chroma sequencer section has a clean interface and the ability to both draw in patterns, play parts with a midi controller, add slur (glide) and a unique "Scribble" control to write in data. The Gris Gris synth section is a subtractive style synth with "Flux" controls, which add unpredictable instability to the oscillator mix.



"Chroma is a performance oriented monosequencer and VA carefully tuned for ergonomic ease of use and glitch free operation in standalone and plugin mode. Slur features in Chroma match up with legato and glide features in the Gris-Gris synth to create a slinky sinuous note articulation.

Sequences can be created and controlled via mouse, MIDI, Konkreet Performer, TouchOSC and Lemur. Since there is now full OSC support in the Reaktor plugin version, you can do everything with Chroma in your preferred DAW that you can do stand-alone. A dream come true!"




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