Wednesday, October 17

BFD Core ReFill from Nucleus SoundLab!


The last few months I've been working on a special secret project for Nucleus SoundLab that ports the amazing BFD Eco software drum instrument to Reason! This refill, called BFD Core, has 3.6 GB of drum samples with 16 velocity layers and alternate sample playback (articulations) for some of the most realistic sounding drums ever committed to software. The drum samples, professionally recorded by FXpansion with multiple mics for both room and overhead ambience, include 57 individually recorded kit pieces - from manufacturers like Pearl, Tama, OCDP, Paiste, Zildjian, and Rogers. The Snare and Kick Drums in BFD Core were recorded with multiple mics (top and bottom, inside and out, respectively) for further sonic depth!

To get your tracks going and grooving Nucleus SoundLab has included over 2200 midi loops that work seamlessly with the NNXT and Combinators included in the refill. And speaking of Combinators, BFD Core comes with 75 specially designed combis that use all the transient shapers, EQs, compressors, distortion, reverb and delay devices that Reason 6 has to offer to the fullest - designed by NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen, Adam Fielding, Lewis Osborne (myself), Queen's Road and Tom "Stompp" Pritchard! These combis come in two categories, a more straightforward category for realistic drums and a "Heavy FX" category for the more adventurous. A "Lite" version of each Combinator is included as well, for use on computers with less RAM.

The BFD Core ReFill is available today on the brand new Nucleus SoundLab website for a special introductory price! Check out the amazing demo video featuring a track composed with BFD Core from Adam Fielding below:

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