Wednesday, October 31

Antonio Blanca Dron-e!

Antonio Blanca has released Dron-e for Reaktor, and it kills:

"Dron-e is a Reaktor Instrument specialised in creating ambient, generative, abstract and cinematic soundscapes and drones. Dron-e contains flexible parameters and controls for creating everything from delicate atmospheres to complex walls of sound. Included is a custom created sound bank of acoustic and synthetic instrument and field recordings designed specially for Dron-e , but you can load your own and venture into unknown sonic territories. In addition to the pre-established modulators and controls. it's possible to use your own modulators built in Reaktor such as sequencers or break-point envelopes using the EXT option,as well as MIDI/OSC signals to further shape your sounds."

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Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Wow. That looks very tasty!