Friday, June 17

Pressure ReFill from New Atlantis Audio

New Atlantis Audio has a new Reason ReFill called Pressure:

"Add a distinct sense of suspense, pressure and dark atmosphere to your music and scoring projects with this unique set of Combinator instruments for Reason.

Powered by a brand new set of hand-crafted 24 bit steam recording soundscapes, Pressure is bursting at the weld seams with a diverse set of dense and intense playable atmospheric rack instruments, with loads of tweakability and hands-on control.

Use the 100+ MB of sample footage to create even more steamy new instruments of your own, or drop them directly into the timeline in Record and go nuts.

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 24 bit audio, 110MB of Content"

Available now for $9.99 USD @

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