Saturday, July 19

Analog Theory!


A few months back I reviewed Korg's Monopoly Rack Extension for Rack Extension, giving the Monopoly 4 out of 5 stars. One of the main reasons being it's lack of Combinator patches, "and with 4 CV inputs on the back this was a real missed opportunity to showcase what the Mono/Poly could do in the Reasonverse." Well, Nucleus SoundLab has filled that void today with the amazing Analog Theory ReFill for the Monopoly RE!

Nucleus SoundLab CEO Jeremy Janzen shares the backstory:

"Back at Winter NAMM 2014 I had the pleasure to meet Kazuhito Inoue, a talented synth designer that works for Korg Japan. He is responsible in part for the wonderful Korg Rack Extensions MonoPoly and Polysix, as well as the incredible Reason-esque iOS synth workstation Korg Gadget. What really struck me was how passionate Inoue-san was about synthesis, and about trying new approaches like Gadget.

That meeting inspired me to create a ReFill for Korg MonoPoly that we are releasing today - Analog Theory. MonoPoly is such an amazingly immediate synth to work with - it's actually somewhat hard to make a bad sound! But we didn't settle for quick, average sounds. Analog Theory is filled with Combinators that are very advanced and really show off the modular power of the Reason environment. Of course, it's much easier to hear this, than describe it in text, so be sure to check out the audio/video demos!

Well, there isn't much more to say on this topic. I hope you enjoy Analog Theory!"

The reFill comes with over 100 unique combinators designed by veteran Reason sound designers, including two of my favourites - Tom Pritchard and Adam Fielding! I also designed a number of patches for this project, one of which can be heard in the promo video at around 4:30:



Analog Theory can be yours $39 USD today from!



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