Thursday, May 22

Neo DX from Nucleus SoundLab!


Nucleus SoundLab has released another fantastic Reason ReFill for a Rack Extension device - Neo DX for the PX7! I personally had the pleasure of working on patches for this Refill, as well as Tom Pritchard, Adam Fielding, Robert Anselmi, James Miles, Navi Retlav and of course NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen. Danny Adler did his usual bang up job on the art work, this one inspired by Neo Tokyo the setting for the classic manga Akira! Check out the info:

"FM Synthesis defines the retro 80s sound. And with Propellerhead's PX7 Rack Extension, powerful FM is now available in the Reason rack. But Nucleus SoundLab believes FM in Reason is capable of far more than retro, throwback timbres. Today we are proving that with the first commercial ReFill for PX7 - Neo DX. Trust us, massive modern sounds are possible using PX7.

Neo DX isn't meant to compete with the millions of existing imported DX7 patches. Instead, our team of eight veteran sound designers has harnessed the power of the Reason Combinator to explore completely new sonic territory. Neo DX is populated by huge detuned leads, sparkling pad layers, modular FM drumkits, distorted basses, and heavily-filtered arpeggios.

You won't be disappointed with Neo DX's attention to detail. All the standard highlights of Nucleus SoundLab ReFills are still present: Unique Combinators with unique Combinator controls; PX7 patches that make up each Combinator are individually available; full categorization of both Combinators and device patches; careful volume-balancing for every single patch. Let's rediscover FM in 2014 with Neo DX!"



• 122 unique Combinators across ten categories.

• 210 PX7 device patches.

• 3 demo songs packed inside the ReFill.

• All Combinator rotaries/buttons/modwheel uniquely mapped.

• Patches designed by veteran Reason sound designers.

• Requires: PX7 Rack Extension.


Pick up Neo DX today for $39 USD!


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