Wednesday, March 12


Coming later this year from OTO Machines, the makers of Biscuit, the Bim Bam Boum Effects Boxes:

"OTO Machines announces 3 new FX boxes:

BIM - Poetic Repeater

12-bit delay (up to 2 seconds in stereo) with modulation (several waveforms available), separate hipass & lowpass filters for the delay signal and the feedback path, extra FXs (Reverse, Flanger, Dual Head, Distortion,...).

True 12-bit converters, filters, compander & feedback paths are analog for a very warm and grainy sound.

TAP and FREEZE function. Delay can be synced to MIDI Clock.

BAM - Space Generator

Digital reverberator inspired by the early 80's 16-bit units (EMT250, Lexicon 224,...). Several algorithms including Halls, Rooms, Space, weirdos, springs, resonators...

Predelay is up to 1 second. A "Drive" pot let you distort the input of the reverb.

BOUM - Warming Unit

Analog Compressor with tube emulation, octave, soft and hard distortion, followed by a 3 mode-2 pole Biscuit filter.

The compressor have Mode, Attack and Release settings.

An envelope generator (normal or inverse) let's you create envelope filters or envelope levelers.

The distortion circuit is specially designed for synths, loops, drums,...and keeps the dynamic of the signal.

All units have stereo I/O, MIDI input (CCs for all parameters, Beat Clock, Pgm Change), true hardware relay bypass, 36 user presets.

Size is 145 x 145 x 60 mm. 2 lines of 8 white LEDS for displaying parameters, preset number, input vu-meter...

Price for each unit will be about 325 euros (excluding VAT).

Release is planned for 2014 Q4."

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