Wednesday, August 28

bitBUMPER Deluxe V.3


Soundcells has updated their classic lo-fi Reason ReFill bitBUMPER Deluxe to version 3! As some of you may remember Resonant Filter took a look at bBD back in 2010, which you can check out here. Info:

"bitBUMPER deluxe v3 - the ultimate 4 and 8 bit Pandora Box filled with hundreds of low bit surprises.

This ReFill is your best friend when you´re looking for inspiring new sounds with a character and a bite - it sounds cool, adventurous, nostalgically warm and noisy at the same time! To catch this character some amazing sources were sampled:

RozzBox One v2, QuadraSID, the old grey Gameboy from 1989 with "Nanoloop 1" and "Littlesounddj", the Gameboy Advance SP from 2003 with "Nanoloop 2" and the Nintendo DS Lite from 2006 with "DS Electroplankton" and "Korg DS-10".

Version 3 adds new rex loops, 20 new combinator & 25 NNXT patches, as also lots of new samples …"

Pick up bitBUMPER Deluxe V.3 for the low introductory price of 27.90 € (until September 15) at!


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