Friday, May 3

DJ Spooky: A Civil War Symphony

That Subliminal Kid is at it again with a new multimedia work curated by the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art called A Civil War Symphony. This event is part of a new DJ Spooky Met residency and is scheduled for May 10th, 7:00pm and will be live-streamed!

"Working in tandem with Jeff L. Rosenheim, curator of Photographs at the Museum, Paul D. Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky: That Subliminal Kid) presents a newly created piece for string ensemble with live-mixed electronic music and video using images from the exhibition Photography and the American Civil War."

"For me, it's such an honor to work with the Met from the viewpoint of sampling," says Paul D. Miller. "I want to make a vibrant reflection of this incredible collection of materials from all over the world... I want to show that music and art are always in dialogue."

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