Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

video courtesy of WJC007

Stratocaster Tapping

Improvised (who would have guessed?) tapping and strumming on old Strat,
recorded in Live, with other sounds from Reaktor's GinsuDelay.
Visuals brewed in Modul8.


The PGS Recording Process has some of the greatest guitar demo videos on youtube.
Here's a rundown on the PGS Recording Process:

Saturday, October 30

Synthi Resurrection

Just saw this on Facebook via Richard Devine:

Preparations to re-establish production of the original Synthi A and VCS3 Mk2 have been proceeding through the summer and we are now expecting the first completed units to be ready in January 2011. Currently we are building a large stock of assembled and tested circuit boards. This has taken quite a bit longer than expected, but you can rest assured that we are dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome, as well as the re-introduction of other EMS products to follow in due course. A new website will also be unveiled in 2010.

Once we start shipping the Synthis it should be posssible to give you an approximiate delivery date, and we will certainly contact you to advise you as the time draws near.

Best wishes - Robin Wood


very first glance at KONKREET PERFORMER, first of a kind, visual OSC
controller and visualizer for your DAW / Synth / Drum Machine / Sampler etc.

KONKREET PERFORMER aims to be used in the studio and on stage. it
addresses digital music control and performance in whole new and unique
way -- be ready to explore multitouch to the extreme!

coming soon for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

Friday, October 29

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 36: Comping Takes Together in Record

It's nearly unimaginable to think about early music recording. Musicians had
to record their songs in one take direct to wax/acetate records. 100 copies
of an album meant recording 100 flawless takes for every musician playing
together! Compare that to today and Record 1.5's "Comp Editor." You can
cycle through recording, doing take after take after take, choosing the best
parts of each, and stitching them together into one flawless performance.
This week I'll show you how.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Thursday, October 28

The Sounds of Star Wars out now!

The Sounds of Star Wars book with audio player is out now on Chronicle Books. I picked up a copy last night at Costco for a few bucks cheaper than the price at Amazon. Needless to say this book is a must have for anyone interested in sound design... with in depth details on how Ben Burrt created all the iconic sounds of the Star Wars movies. Interestingly George Lucas had told Burrt early on in the development of Star Wars that he wanted the sounds to be organic. You see, up until Star Wars the majority of Sci-Fi movies had sounds primarily from synthesizers. In Star Wars Burrt used every day sounds like car engines, babies crying and the sounds of animals to realize a new universe. Pick it up!

Wednesday, October 27

Skyence - INSCT

Collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin).
Animation generated in VVVV, Editing in After Effects.

Direction & Animation: Johannes Timpernagel –
Sound: Jochen Mader / Skyence / Audionerve –

»INSCT« coming out soon on Project Mooncircle –

Filter Research on sale for Halloween!

Nucleus SoundLab's Filter Research ReFill for Reason is on sale for Halloween for the low low price of $9.95! Filter Research is an effects refill with 192 different combinators from the likes of Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton, Shaun Wallace and Jacob Hargrave. Pick it up!

Tuesday, October 26

George Duke Soul Treasures

I have to admit I'm really intrigued by Native Instruments new George Duke Soul Treasures phrase instrument for Kontakt. And not just because I could tell others "I'm working on a track with George Duke" ;-).
Check out the info:

The Phrase Instrument - A Perfect Start Point

GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES is a treasure trove for producers looking for instant soul for their tracks. Exclusively recorded for Native Instruments by American soul and jazz legend George Duke, over 500 soul-drenched keyboard loops are ready to go, and without the need to dig for samples through crates of dusty vinyl.

All loops are perfectly sliced and tempo-synced, and you can easily edit and re-arrange all slices to create countless phrase variations - providing an immediate harmonic basis without requiring advanced musicianship for your hip-hop, R&B or soulful electronic tracks.

Flexible Editing and Rearranging

Each phrase is divided into several slices, which can be triggered individually from any point in the loop, making it easy to re-arrange and create countless variations. Sound parameters like tune, volume, attack and stretch can be adjusted on the fly with every step visible via the Waveform Display.
You can also drag and drop a MIDI file into your host sequencer - including the timing information for triggering the slices - giving you maximum flexibility when building and finalizing the tracks in a DAW.

Eight different filter types and studio-quality convolution reverb and delay give you full flexibility, with each effect chain triggerable via a MIDI keyboard - instantaneously delivering a rich sonic palette for your tracks.

See what this unique phrase instrument is about and how it integrates effort-
lessly into any production workflow.

Keyboard legend George Duke and sound wizard Erik Zobler talk about the
creation of the new Kontakt phrase instrument "George Duke Soul Treasures".

Full details @

Monday, October 25

nAnOnAnD synthesize

Toy synthesizer on homebrew PCB.

Cheap and patchable digital glitchy sound synthestizer made with
a CMOS 4093 NAND gate.
Unprocessed audio from mini speaker recorded with a microphone.

Schematics based on info found on the internet and in Nicolas Collins
book handmade electronic music, mixed with some of my ideas.

Ableton Daily :: Chilling Drones with Operator

How to make a chilling drone using the Operator Instrument in Ableton Live.
Ableton Daily

R.I.P. Gregory Isaacs

This morning the "Cool Ruler", Gregory Isaacs, passed away from lung cancer at his home in Jamaica. Isaacs was most famous for his slow jams, starting the Reggae movement "Lovers Rock" in the late 70s and early 80s. Sadly he's been in the news in the last decade primarily for his addiction to crack cocaine and not for his smooth tenor. Here's one of my favorites from the "Lonely Lover", "Tune In":

video courtesy of rasorder

OP1 - Accelerometer Test

nanoloop for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Nanoloop for iPhone combines sequencer, synthesizer and sampler in one package. Features include:

- Six channels, each can be synth or sampler
- Fast and easy to use stepsequencer
- Synthesizer with envelope, filter, LFO and other parameters
- Sample external audio
- Re-sample
- Song editor with loop function
- Save function
- Works on 1st gen iPod touch and 2.2 software
- WAV-export (beta)
- Sample import/export via iTunes (iOS4 only)
- sample-import via e-mail
- Send and receive projects via e-mail

More information:

MC4 Dark Energy Acid Jam

Quick Sunday night acid jam, Roland MC-4b sequencing the Doepfer
Dark Energy, drums are TR-606, audio levels are a bit off but it was
a fun jam, enjoy!


Sunday, October 24

Loop Drumming in Kong

This shows how you can have any drum in Kong continually loop
using the Thor step sequencer. Another pad is used to temporarily
turn off the loop and a combinator button is used as a kill switch
to terminate the loop functionality. Hopefully you find this useful

Reason 101

Mpc 60 plus S1000 sunday afternoon beat

another little beat made on s1000 played by mpc 60. hope you'll
enjoy it. peace! p.s. sorry about sound quality. i'll sort it out
properly next time.


Saturday, October 23

Reason Patch A Day Archive Refill, Vol 1: The Two Year Anniversary Edition!

Robb over at Reason Patch a Day just updated the Reason Patch a Day Archive Refill Vol.1 to coincide with the two year anniversary of his site! If you haven't already donated to Reason Patch a Day now would be a great time to pick up the final update to the Reason Patch a Day Archive Refill Vol.1. The Archive Refill contains over 1,100 files from instrument combinators to effects patches to sweet lo-fi drum kits.
Go to Reason Patch a Day for more info!

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 35: Edit Your Loops and Stretch to Tempo

The new "stretch to tempo" feature in Record 1.5 (AUDIO+MIDI) and Reason 5
(MIDI only) means that it's easier than ever to take a WAV loop off your hard
drive and bring it into your session - quickly employing Record's excellent
stretch algorithm along the way. In case you're new to waveform editing and
sample stretching, this week I'll show you how it's done. It's easier than you
may think and the production possibilities become vast.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Friday, October 22

Modeselektor proudly presents Modeselektion Vol. 01

Modeselektor - Modeselektion Vol.01 out Nov.5th!

CD Tracklist:

01 Siriusmo "Das Geheimnis"
02 SBTRKT "The Unspoken"
03 Feadz "The Assistant Manager"
04 Tadd Mullinix & Daniel Meteo "The Good Star"
05 Robag Wruhme "Bierholer"
06 2562 "The Wind-Up"
07 eLan "Pussy Posse"
08 Cosmin TRG "Space Station Love Affair"
09 Shed "With Bag And Baggage"
10 Apparat "King Of Clubs"
11 Marcel Dettmann "Lyrate"
12 Ikonika & Optimum "Hum"
13 Modeselektor "VW Jetta"
14 Ramadanman "Pitter"
15 Digital Mystikz-Mala "Explorer"
16 Bok Bok "Say Stupid Things"
17 Housemeister "Kristall"
18 Cylob "Pepper Spray" (Capsicum Edits)

Sonic LAB Juno Gi Review

We take a look at the latest Juno from Roland, with 8 track digital recorder
and many other features. Full review text at:

Reason 5 - Kong Drum Designer - Using Kong for Drums and Redrum as Sequencer

Thursday, October 21

Making a Pad with Roland GAIA

Just showing you me creating a pad =)

Dr. OctoRex Glitch

Here's another great set of video tutorial from Rob over at Reason 101!

Part 1:

In this series, I'm going to show you a few tricks you can do with the
Dr. OctoRex, a single Rex loop, the separate audio outputs, and some
different Effect devices. The first part goes through setting up a basic
single-loop glitch Combinator.

Part 2:

This second part shows you how to set up the Combinator Modulation
Programming and copying your loop into different OctoRex slots to set
up different slice parameters.

Part 3:

The third and final part of this series talks about how you can apply
CV from a few Thors to completey go off the scale with the Glitch
IDM idea.

Reason 101

Ableton Daily : Vocal Stutter Effect in Sampler

Basic Sampler tutorial which includes a vocal stutter effect.
Ableton Daily

Wednesday, October 20

Audio Puzzler Prototype

Just a quick ride on a prototype of a remix machine.
This machine cuts a whole song in small snippets and arranges
them to rhythms, together with effect- and parameter sequencers.
pretty interesting to create hookline loops for dance stuff.



I started this out experimenting with Twisted Tools outstanding
Buffeater and logic's environment and I got carried away. I have
since abandoned and dissected this track and I'm using various
parts in other projects, So I thought i would post the original.
Individual tracks are being fed independently into buffeater and
I'm controlling the bus sends via NI's Maschine.


Tuesday, October 19

Atlanta Propellerhead User Group

The Atlanta Propellerhead User Group meets every first wednesday of each month at AIU Atlanta @ 7pm! Attendance is free. For more information write to

Diplo on Komplete 7

Bass music innovator Diplo (Major Lazer, M.I.A.) throwing light on the method
behind some of the most distinctive beats and sounds of recent years. Find out
why Komplete 7, and particularly Massive, play a central role in the production
of his hybrid, bass-heavy dance music.

For more information, go to

Aalto Intro

Part 1:

Here is a basic overview of how to get started using the Aalto FM synth.

Part 2:

Here is a basic overview of how to get started programming the Aalto synth.

Part 3:

Here is an overview of how to get started programming patches in the Aalto
synthesizer. For part 3, we focus on Aalto's unique polyphonic modulation
capabilities. Thanks to Madrona Labs for the great instrument!



Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

taken from Pattern + Grid World:

download Cinema 4D project files:​resources.php

music: flying lotus
directed by: beeple
compositing: beeple + vince ream


Sunday, October 17

Buchla 7

Buchla 200e and a machinedrum recorded with a zoom h4n handheld recorder.
Ryan Bocook

Real Rhythm drum machine

Real Rhythm drum machine by Baldwin.
Prototype not commercially available.


A Slew of Mr.Ned Rush videos for Sunday!

Ned Rush = Reason 5, Kong and Nurse Rex

Ned Rush = Reason 5 Audio to CV

Ned Rush = Reason 5, Live Sampling and Kong freestyle

Ned Rush = Reason 5, Vocoding


Friday, October 15

Introducing the Slim Phatty!

Moog introduced the Slim Phatty Synthesizer today (not to be confused with the other Slim Phatty.) This desktop synth has CV and audio inputs, USB, midi, and an arpeggiator; with Richard Devine in the introductory video to boot (for which I'd like to thank Moog for choosing over Jordan Rudess, like every other keyboard manufacturer.) Here's the info:

-The Most Portable Moog Synth
-100% Analog Audio Path
-Arpeggiator and LFO Sync to MIDI & Tap Tempo
-USB, MIDI & Control Voltage Connectivity
-External Audio Processing
-Earth-Shaking Basses, Scorching Leads & Sonic Infinity

Real Moog sound now fits your back pack and your budget. The Slim Phatty’s 100% analog signal path, intuitive user interface, rugged construction and rich MIDI, USB and Control Voltage functionality make it a must-have for producers, touring musicians and DJs.

At just 17” wide, it goes where no other Moog has gone before. Earth-shaking basses, scorching leads and more are now housed in a high-quality instrument ideal for laptop artists and space conscious musical road warriors.

Sweetwater already has the Slim Phatty listed at $795.00 USD.
Finally a Moog I can afford without selling a kidney ;-)

Introducing the Slim Phatty:

Richard Devine meets the new Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer from Moog.

Real Moog sound now fits your back pack and your budget. The Slim Phatty's
100% analog signal path, intuitive user interface, rugged construction and
rich MIDI, USB and Control Voltage functionality make it a must-have for
producers, touring musicians and DJs.

More info at

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated

really digging this track today:

Carbonated, taken from the Crooks and Lovers album. Music by Mount Kimbie.
Copyright Hotflush Recordings.


Geist - Coming Soon

Something special is coming. Watch the skies...

Vestax Pad One

Vestax has a new pad controller on the market, called the Pad One. Dig the aluminum body and X/Y pad!


The Vestax PAD-One is a solid robust MIDI pad controller, compatible with various DJ & DAW software and can be used to control any kind of MIDI device, including synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and electronic drums.

The aluminum chassis will never warp or crack, ensuring you long life durability and stability.

The PAD-One can individually assign pads on the fly, and shows you each pads MIDI value on the 7seg indicator. Compact, solid and reliable, the PAD One is the ideal item to your DJ arsenal.


-12 velocity & pressure sensitive LED backlit pads
-Individual LED color for each bank
-MIDI message for each pad can be selected with the PAD-One
-Real time control XY touch pad
-Solid aluminum die-casted robust chassis
-Full control of ROLL button tempo with the TAP button
-MIDI cable connection for control over various effect and sampler devices
-USB plug & play
-Excellent portability

Price TBA, more information @

Test Play


BPM 2010


Robyn - Indestructible V.2

Robyn uploaded a new version of the song Indestructible today on soundcloud. This new version is said to be on the upcoming Body Talk Vol.3 record. Dig it:

Indestructible (Edit) by robyn
via Pitchfork

Thursday, October 14

REX-ED ProCon 2010 presentation

Peff posted a video on youtube today of some of his presentation
slides for the upcoming USA Producers Conferences. Looks like
it's going to be killer:

hope to see you at the producers conference in Atlanta or New York.

There is also a UK Conference in London on 10/23

Ned Rush = Ableton Live, Writers Block (Midi Randomizing and routing)

make your music make itself with little effort.

Artist Interview: Hank Shocklee (Bomb Squad)

Hank Shocklee:

It's no exaggeration to say that were it not for Hank Shocklee, hip hop would
probably sound entirely different. His early Bomb Squad production with Public
Enemy didn't just break all the rules in rap music at the time... it rewrote them,
forever changing the trajectory of the still-young cultural movement. To this day,
Shocklee's production stands alone in its identifiable sound. We spoke with him
recently to find out how he learned about Reason and what caused him to adopt
it as his 'weapon of choice' for beat production.

Deleted Scenes:

When you get a chance to talk to Hank Shocklee, you don't pass up the oppor-
tunity to hear all about the pioneering era of hip hop production. And the stories
Hank told us didn't disappoint! In fact, they were so good that we saved them
for a separate "Deleted Scenes" video. Rap music fans and music fans alike will
enjoy hearing about some of the pivotal moments in the development of hip
hop's sound.


DrumTakes for Record

Record Drum Takes

Question: What is the key to that larger-than-life, big budget studio drum sound? Answer: Professionally recorded multitrack drums, played by a skilled session drummer. Record Drum Takes gives you big league rock and pop drums in a ReFill.

Real drums. Nothing can beat it. Loops or multisampled kits can take you a long way, but if you want your pop or rock track to really come alive, you need a real drummer playing real drums in a real room. And Record Drum Takes gives you exactly that. Each Drum Take ReFill comes with two separate three minute backing tracks of live drumming organized in classic song form; intro, verse, chorus, bridge and breakdown. Record Drum Takes builds a steady foundation for any rock or pop creation.

Tutorial: Record Drum Takes - Live Drums for Record

In this video we'll learn the basics of how to use Record Drum Takes in your
music. Record Drum Takes brings big league rock and pop multitrack drums
played by skilled session drummers to Record — a steady foundation for any
rock or pop creation.

Tutorial: Record Drum Takes - Using Additional Mixes

In this second Record Drum Takes tutorial we will go over how to use the
additional mixes included with the ReFills. Record Drum Takes brings big
league rock and pop multitrack drums played by skilled session drummers
to Record — a steady foundation for any rock or pop creation.


Apparat EPK 2nd Part

Wednesday, October 13

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 34: Automation Clip Toolbox

Whenever I'm working on music, one thing that I've had in my personal bag of
tricks is an "automation clip toolbox." Basically, it's a palette of controller data
curves and waveforms which can be applied to automation lanes like level, pan,
filter cutoff, etc. Thanks to the new "stretch clip to tempo" function (Option+
Drag for Mac or Control+Drag for Windows) I can resize these automation clips
to whatever speed I want. This week I'm giving this toolbox away and showing
you how to use it. These clips will breathe new life into an otherwise static pad
or provide the creative spark for a new idea entirely. Enjoy!

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Apparat - Sayulita

Fresh new track off Apparat's DJ-Kicks comp. set to be released October 26

Drop by for track download.


The Producers Conference, New York!

The last USA Producers Conference of the year is in New York City! With Peff, Matt Piper, Calmer, and "Double O" Aguilar presenting topics including the new features in Reason 5 and Record 1.5, Rex file manipulation and recording live instrumentation. Here's the down low:

October 23, 2010. 1pm, to 6pm. (doors open at 12:30pm)

520 W. 25th St
New York, NY 10001

Get your ticket now!

This interactive learning session is only $35 per person.


Matt Piper – 1:00 pm
Working with the New Features, Session 1
This tutorial will explore beat production and sound design with Kong, Neptune techniques for both natural and extreme pitch correction plus techniques for creating vocal harmonies, as well as Live Sampling in Kong, NN-XT, and NN-19.

Kurt Kurasaki (Peff) – 2:00 pm
Working with the New Features, Session 2
In this tutorial Kurt Kurasaki will share his techniques for Dr. Octo Rex programming, tips and tricks for programming in the new Blocks sequencer view, and will demonstrate creative CV gate techniques with the Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Vocal Synth.

Calmer – 3:00 pm
Calmer will be presenting an overview of his production techniques, focusing on working with live drums and programmed drums together, as well as sampling and Rex file manipulation. Calmer will also demonstrate how powerful the Combinator can be for building dynamic pads and lead synth patches, and will discuss why Reason is such as massive part of his production process.

Michael "Double O" Aguilar – 4:00 pm
Double O will be showing how Reason and Record were used to create some of the tracks on the upcoming Kidz in the Hall album. This will include programmed beats and parts, as well as live instrumentation that was recorded using Record.

Propellerhead product line Q & A – 5 :00 pm

For more information:

Ned Rush = Reason 5 Granular Synthesis Ideas


We Love - Escape Destination

"Escape Destination, videoclip made by We Love, expresses the Italian duo's
black and white project, which can melt the dynamic rhythm of the journey
with a meditation about spaces (white and aseptic hotels and airports, "non-
places" well-known by touring musicians), and of course the ever constant
presence of technology from the radio to musical instruments. Overall the
design is reminiscent of the "space age" look, with reference to the movie
The 10th Victim by Elio Petri. It is a cultured and pop product in which
nothing is by chance and the simplicity of the images speaks for itself."

We Love

MIDI drum patterns made EASY in Ableton Live with drum racks HD tutorial

Building a Glitch Box

Part 1:

Part 2:

This video shows you how to create a Glitch Box in Reason 4 and
up using a Mixer, Redrum, and a few Thor devices, along with some
effects. Who doesn't like a good IDM drum Kit. Here's how to build one.

Reason 101

Tuesday, October 12

Ryoji Ikeda: datamatics [ver. 2.0]

via Richard Devine on Facebook:

datamatics [ver. 2.0] is renowned artist/composer Ryoji Ikeda’s live audio-
visual concert experience, which immerses the audience in the invisible web
of data that permeates our world.

You can find out more about this work and forthcoming performances here:​

Moog Filtatron!


The Filtatron is much more than your average sound app. It’s a phenomenal real-time audio effects suite and powerful studio tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Warp samples, live audio or the built in oscillator with our lovingly modeled Moog filter, complete with envelope follower and LFO. Then sweeten it with overdrive and delay. Record your creations anywhere, save your presets, and share them with your entourage. Life’s a rough mix...Filter it.

Available October 18, 2010 on iTunes

Synth Drum Percussion

more info at

Ned Rush = NedFX ReFill explained

download the refill here


Images by Paul Rohlfs
Ideas by Martin Pohle
Instructions by Thomas Krüger

"Threats" taken from the "Songs For Trees And Cyborgs" album on Project:
Mooncircle, 2010.

After last year`s release of his debut full length album entitled "Death Star Droid"
Berlin stromtrooper Robot Koch kept himself hella busy. In 2010 alone he dropped
the new Jahcoozi album "Barefoot Wanderer" on Bpitch Control, released his EP
"Listen To Them Fade" on Project:Mooncircle, did a bunch of remixes and productions
for both major and indie artsits and played stunnig live shows everywhere from
Low End Theory in LA to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona.
And now he`s back to do some serious damage with his 2nd LP "Songs for Trees
and Cyborgs".
The album shows Robot's versatility as a producer -- it mixes and blends fresh,
forward thinking electronic beats with heartfelt melodies and organic live instumentation.

On choice tracks Mr. Koch teams up with the likes of Boxcutter (Planet Mu),
1000 Names (Black Acre), Doshy (Robox Neotech), RQM (Baby Sumo) and Graciela
Maria (Project Mooncircle) to present the point where dubstep, hip-hop and its
myriad of influences fuse into a kaleidoscopic collage of sounds.

Monday, October 11

Will the real SlimPhatty please stand up?

According to a post in the muffwiggler forum : the latest issue of American Musical Supply (pg 153) has an ad for the Moog SlimPhatty Analog Synthesizer! Looks like a Moog Little Phatty sans the keyboard. No mention of this desktop synth at or Spoof or truth?

Letterlens to Kid Eyes (excerpt)

Using broken lenses and manipulating light by hand, Letterlens to Kid Eyes is
an experiment in visual intuition. Like an image yet to be parsed into mental
symbols, sliced up in order for the mind to track what it considers useful, this
is looking before recognizing. Looking with kid eyes. The raw video has been
edited in realtime using custom software built in Max/MSP to allow for a
synesthetic approach to the stream of images, like video as a musical instrument.
An intuitive, emotional response to sensory input with new eyes and new ears.
This is just a short excerpt of the full video.


Interview 12th Planet - Dubstep Supremo

Sonicstate talk to one of the hottest Dubstep DJ and producers - 12th Planet.

Riyaz Master @ Kala Kendar

Manufactured by Riyaz Master Pro, the orginal Tabla machine!
This Mumbai made device is the current people's choice drum
machine. The sound, especially the baya, is very good. It has 24
Taals & 12 variations, with speed and pitch control. There are 2
power options, 110AC and 220 AC. Buy it at Kala Kendar!

Kala Kendar

Nice weird sounds with the Analogue Solutions Semblance

Hello ! My name is Frederic Gerchambeau. I have made this movie.
The music has been made in one take with an Analogue Solutions
Semblance. Enjoy !

Saturday, October 9

I Am The Outsider

First Music Video production.

Shot on a Panasonic HDC-TM30 in Hiroshima.
Edited in iMovie 09.

This was a real crossover project for me, as the music for this video is an
unreleased track which I produced (using Ableton Live 8 and Logic Studio
for those who are curious). I usually keep my private life separate from my
freelance work but in this case the two meshed together very well. Add
video production to the list of talents/services of SWCreative...

Minim piece - NZSM Sonic Arts Concert 09/10/2010

Guitar: Jordan Hochenbaum
Piano: Owen Vallis

The piece uses a custom grain engine built in Reaktor core, and a probability
based audio chopper built in JUICE. The sound processors were controlled via
simple Arduino-based foot controllers.

Интерфереционная картина звука органа REAKTOR стерео .

Визуализация звуковых волн органа в программе REAKTOR .
При наложении трёх частот друг на друга возникает
интерференционная картина в виде пятиконечных звёздочек.


Skibeatz on Maschine and Ableton Live 8

Legendary producer Skibeatz explains how to sample into the maschine using
Ableton live!!!!


Caribou - Sun

The music Dan Snaith makes under his Caribou moniker is best
described as cheerful electronica. We'll be treated to a live session
of his danceable beats on Morning Becomes Eclectic.


_ by 音楽


Atlanta Producers Conference - October 16th 2010

Matt Piper was kind enough to e-mail me info on the upcoming Atlanta Producers Conference. Thanks Matt :-) This one looks like it's going to be fantastic! Peff, Richard Devine, Matt Piper, and E.Jones are all presenting a section. Here's the down low:

The Producers Conference, Atlanta, GA

October 16th, 2010. 1pm, to 6pm. (doors open at 12:30pm)

Doppler Studios
1922 Piedmont Circle
Atlanta, GA 30324

Get your ticket now!

This interactive learning session is only $35 per person.


Matt Piper – 1:00 pm
Working with the New Features, Session 1
This tutorial will explore beat production and sound design with Kong, Neptune techniques for both natural and extreme pitch correction plus techniques for creating vocal harmonies, as well as Live Sampling in Kong, NN-XT, and NN-19.

Kurt Kurasaki (Peff) – 2:00 pm
Working with the New Features, Session 2
In this tutorial Kurt Kurasaki will share his techniques for Dr. Octo Rex programming, tips and tricks for programming in the new Blocks sequencer view, and will demonstrate creative CV gate techniques with the Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Vocal Synth.

E.Jones – 3:00 pm
E.Jones will present the Reason Song Files of several of his songs which have received placement, and will demonstrate how he uses Reason and ReCycle for his music production. He will also discuss how he got his start in music.

Richard Devine – 4:00 pm
Richard Devine will focus on using Reason and Record for Sound Design applications, bringing in field recordings captured from his portable recording rig, then showing how to import, edit, cut, and manipulate the audio to create unique sounds for multiple applications.

Propellerhead product line Q & A – 5 :00 pm
- Propellerhead product line Q & A

Go to to sign up!

Friday, October 8


GASLAMP KILLER - the DEATH GATE EP from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

release date : 10.12.10
produced in association with

Gorillaz Live on Letterman!

The virtual rock band performs an exclusive concert from the Ed
Sullivan Theater on October 7, 2010.


Fejld - Music for Droning (Test of an ambient patch for live playing)

Saw this lovely video on Matrixsynth:

Each vertical column of buttons on the Monome is sending a midi-CC,
increasing from the bottom to the top. On this patch they control the
amplitude of a sine-wave-oscillator pair on a Nord Modular G2. I have 6
of these pairs setup for the six columns on the left. The last two columns
control reverb-time and base-pitch. I'm using 64faders on Monome.
You can listen to more Fejld on soundcloud.


Code Remote Script

Just another little Friday mix testing the remote script in Live. The music isn't
the focus here people, the script is, and it works great!

Aspirins - Cutter

Song is "Cutter" by Aspirins
Directed by Mr. Harrison

Electric Wire Hustle's North American Debut || LIVE in Cambridge

Developing their own sound and twist on modern hip hop, psychedelic and soul,
Electric Wire Hustle’s unique sound challenges genre boundaries and preconceptions.
The music of New Zealand’s EWH reaches forward while referencing key points of
music’s past. Thick drums and percussion layered with synth lines, hints of Fender
Rhodes and nylon stringed guitars have your neck snapping while your ear cranes
to the evocative vocals of Mara TK

Thursday, October 7

Free Loops In 30 Seconds

Every week we give away a new (and free) loop download. This video shows
you how we do it... in under 30 seconds.

-The Loop Loft

How to Route Kongs Pads/outputs to separate Mix Channels

How to Route Kongs outputs to separate Mix Channels for further sculpting
of each Drum Sound with Records Mixer and Insert FX


Adam Fielding GMC commercial!

Music Dealers recently placed Adam Fielding's song "Anticitizen"
in a GMC Truck Month TV commercial.

Simple Sampling from Soundcells on sale thru October!

New from Soundcells, the makers of bitBUMPER deluxe and Digital Genome, comes Simple Sampling! Simple Sampling features samples selected from instruments like the Stylophone, mini kalimba, Doepfer MS404, Supernova 2, microKORG and a Rhodes Mk1. Soundcells CEO Harald Karla described the refill in an interview we conducted with him just over a month ago:

"Usually, the direction into which a ReFill would develop comes up quite spontaneously... The idea behind “Simple Sampling” was basically a pure Stylophone-based ReFill designed as a Christmas gift for customers. However, merely a few demo tracks with one Stylophone sound appeared to be somewhat meager – so some additional “helpers” needed to be thrown in. Since that ReFill was a really impulsive idea and the timeframe being accordingly tight, it had to be kept as simple as possible but without a lack of quality. So elaborate multi-sampling just wasn't an option… - an idea for a name and some additional content of the ReFill was born. I had finished sampling of the MS404 quite a while ago and that 5-tone mini kalimba had also been waiting on my hard disk for some time…
When I am searching for topics for a new ReFill, I usually ask myself what soundset I would find interesting or if there is anything I miss so far... Most importantly, there should always be a good reason for creating and also publishing a new ReFill."

Simple Sampling - a name, a concept!

At first Soundcells started working on a fun ReFill based on a Stylophone only, which was recorded for sampling purposes. Besides programming a patch that matches the real thing, the NNXT sampler in Reason was tweaked to go some extra steps and some fat funky clavinet-style patches caught by surprise. While producing the Stylofunk mini track (apart from the loop it's entirely based on stylophone samples) some extra cool stuff was added to this ReFill: a "single-sample-rhodes", a "single-sample-piano", a "single-sample-kalimba" and a lot of other nifty stuff... "Simple Sampling" gradually turned into a product full of "simple samples" coming from different sound sources.
If you are looking for sampling like it was done in the old days instead of patches with hundreds of individual samples, you will love this ReFill. Super quick loading patches, very cpu-friendly and most of all full of character and very charming...

Simple Sampling Contents:

- 101 combinator patches for many different styles of music, subdivided in 6 folders: Bass, Drum Machines, FX & Atmo, Keys, Leads, Pads.

- A note by note (a2 - e4) sampled and looped Stylophone including it´s typical release click.

- "Simple Samples" coming from the Rhodes Mark 1, Doepfer MS404, Supernova 2, microKORG, G2, VL1...

- The modules folder contains the basic NNXT patches which are used for the combinator sounds.

- 10 Rex loops, 5 Redrum kits

Pick up Simple Sampling for the introductory price of 14.90€, from now until the end of October!

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 33: Step Sequencing Kong Drums using Redrum

Maybe you're the type of person who has spent ten years making drum beats
on ReDrum. You don't say "4 on the Floor Kick"... you say it's a "1 - 5 - 9 - 13
Kick" To you the word hi-hat is spelled "3-7-11-15." It's just how your brain
works. Well you'll be happy to know that with the addition of Kong, you don't
have to change your workflow to take advantage of the ocean of new sounds
Kong brings to your drum beats. This week I'll show you how to hook up
ReDrum to Kong so you can step sequence your patterns with Kong and even
change patterns via a combinator knob.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Wednesday, October 6


TV spot 45ss
Director: Luis Gerard
Producer: Santos Rivera Montero
Agency: Y & R
Post: Reaktor Post

eXode - Modular Noodle

A multitrack recording of my modular synth. Everything except for
the drums which were made with Kong in Record.


Tuesday, October 5

Make dub step wobble bass in Massive

It's been awhile since we've posted a video from DJ Vespers. If you follow
Vespers Facebook page you'll know he's recently become an Ableton Certified
Trainer in Canada and is writing an e-book - "Secrets of the Pros, in Live 8"!
Below is a two part video on creating one of the best wobble bass sounds I've
heard in a tutorial in Native Instruments Massive synthesizer:

Part 1:

Part 2: