Wednesday, March 31

Propellerhead reason tutorial - Audio processing

Ok, little bit different topic this time. Using the combinator as an audio processing unit is a different way to setup a combi. It's cool, can be fun to make.

Since recently I am making a series of combi patches to make protoss voices. Which is cool... but then again, thats a bit off topic ;)

Tuesday, March 30

Mr. Bill - Tutorial 5 : Glitch Manifesting Device


So in this tutorial i have basically set up Ableton to act in a way that it just manifests glitch FX in different ways over 8 clips. Meaning it can randomly come up with X different combinations of effects sequences.
I also touch on the the side-chain function of the compressor and of course some basic Ableton functions.
I hope you find a use for this. Or find it somewhat interesting. Again as always if you have any questions feel free to email me on the contact section of my website at

Enjoy !


Air - Missing The Light live on KCRW

The French duo Air return to KCRW studios after a highly anticipated evening at Walt Disney Concert Hall to perform songs from their latest release Love 2

Monday, March 29

Bitcrushing Sleepdrone w/ Oto Biscuit (by Franck Smith)

Bitcrushing analog oscillators Sleepdrone 5 w/ 8-bit processor Biscuit by Oto Machines. (N.B.— some sections aso include 2 Sherman Filterbank - not shown on screen). Contents: 8-bit processing, Lo-Fi, minimal pulses, analog electronics, signal trajectory, glitch, clicks, analog oscillators, noise manufacturing...


Material in this video:
- Sleepdrone 5 (by King Capitol Punishment)
- 2x Sherman Filterbank 2 (tabletop versions) *not shown on screen
- Biscuit (by Oto Machines) *used in mono
N.B.— separate direct outputs 2 & 3 of Sleepdrone and main output are routed to Filterbank 2 via Nobels mix-41-C active mixer 4 in 1 (not shown on screen).

Complete video selection on

Propellerhead Record Export Audio

Simple instructions on how to export audio from propellerhead record.

Sunday, March 28

10 Questions with Peff!

When I started this blog last summer one of my main goals was to interview Kurt Kurasaki, aka Peff. His Reason ReFills are my favorites for both their playability and technical prowess. If you didn't pick up his last Power Tools for Reason book you are missing out on some of the greatest tips and techniques available for Propellerhead's Reason software. And the book he's currently working on Power Tools for Using Record with Reason 4 should push the envelope even further. Without further ado, here's the interview:

- I've read on your website that you've been using Propellerhead's software since Rebirth, how did you initially find out about the Props and what's your background in music?

I discovered ReBirth through the internet and was hooked from the first moment I tried it.  Back then, the 303 and other Roland x0x devices were in demand, so a lot of people were immediately drawn.  Compared to today’s standards, ReBirth seems like a fairly trivial piece of code, but it was groundbreaking at the time.  Propellerheads started the emulation trend, and now emulation seems to be standard practice.  

My interest in electronic music started when I was about 8 years old while I was on a trip to Japan.  My parents and I were with a family friend, Mr. Isao Odate, and we were in a section of Tokyo Station which is a shopping mall filled with electronic and gift kiosks.  As we walked through I was fascinated by the calculators, tape recorders, and especially the little Casio VL-1.  I went over to one of the stands and played with it while my parents chatted away.  Mr. Odate purchased the VL-1 as a gift for me, and I spent the rest of the trip playing with it.  That little keyboard started me down this road.

My formal training in music is rather limited.  I learned to play piano when I was very young, and later on I learned to play the saxophone and a bit of classical guitar.  I was never really disciplined enough to practice, because electronics and computers were more of a distraction.   It wasn’t until I got my first synthesizer, a Juno-106 when my interest in music really developed.  I’m still not good, but I can edit like a mad man.

- Your patches for Reason are hands down some of the most technical I've seen, do you have a background in engineering?

Again, I’m not formally trained, but as I mentioned before, electronics and computers have been a part of my life for a long time.  I’ve always been pretty good with math and science, but I think I draw most of my inspiration from the years of playing with synthesizers.  Most patching in Reason/Record boils down to a few key processes like certain cv/gate routings, audio chains, combinator and thor modulation routings. I should hope I’ve developed a certain amount of proficiency with the software after having spent 11 or so years with it.

- A few months ago I posted a question on the PUF about what sound designers/musicians people would like to see interviewed on my blog.  The two names that came up the most were you and EditEd.  Which makes me wonder, who's sound design work do you admire?

I admire everyone who contributes free content to the community.  I know how much time and effort goes into creating a library, and I realize that sometimes there’s little appreciation for non-commercial efforts.  I’ll take this opportunity to thank the people whose creativity and generosity has kept the spirit of the Propellerhead Community alive!

- I saw on your Flickr page that you had some pics of one of my all-time favorite bands, Tortoise, from when they played San Francisco a few years back.  Recently I heard that they've been playing samples with Reason for their live shows.  Did you have anything to do with setting this up for them and how do you know those guys?

Tortoise always puts on a great show, but the show with Daniel Lanois was really amazing.  On their regular tour, I’ve seen them using Reason as a sound module.  I’m not exactly sure, but I think the Buchla Marimba Lumina is one of the controllers.

Back in the late 90s, a core group of us early ReBirth users had a chat server online where we would hangout.  Through that group I met engineer, Casey Rice, and John Herndon.  We eventually met up when they toured the area, and I’ve been friends with them ever since.

- I know you've done some workshops at Robotspeak and have also hosted a jam session in your home for Reason users in the Bay Area that EditEd attended, do you have any workshops or group sessions coming up?

The last fireside chat at Robotspeak was great.  It was less of a formal workshop and presentation and basically turned into a roundtable discussion of all things Record.  I was happy that quite a few of my friends from the SFBARUG showed up.

The San Francisco Bay Area Reason Users Group was started by Ed and a few of the others in the area who are active on the Propellerhead User Forum.  I think each one of us has hosted a session in different areas of the Bay Area.  Ed organized a get together up in his neighborhood,  Tony (Cubricon) arranged a couple of jam sessions at Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale.  Mark (mark) and Darin (dbooty) also hosted us a few times.  It’s always nice to take the conversation offline, but finding a location and coordinating a time always seems to be difficult. I’m not sure when our next jam session will be scheduled, but I’ve been thinking about organizing another Re-BBQ down at my place.  You should come out!

- I read somewhere that you used to own a studio in San Francisco, do you think there's still a market for studios now that products like Record have made home recording sound so amazing?

Yep, that was a long time ago, and I will never attempt to run a commercial studio again.  I’m not cut out for it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy working in studios, but dealing with clients and engineering is a bit too much for me to deal with.  I really admire the guys out there who are able to multi-task in this manner.  There will always be a need for recording studios because there are bands that require the space and resources that larger studios can accommodate.   Producers can certainly achieve a lot with a small home or project studio using Record, but tracking drums or a complete band requires space.  The business model of the high end recording studio is probably no longer viable, but a studio, integrated as part of a large media company, could continue to thrive - like Skywalker Sound.

- For awhile Amazon was showing a new version of your popular Power Tools for Reason book coming up for sale and now it looks like the new version will be called Power Tools for Using Record with Reason 4: Music Pro Guides.  Is this book a completely new edition or a compilation of some of your past work with some new tricks?  And seeing as the Amazon dates seem to change constantly will it really be out this month?

Power Tools: Using Record with Reason 4.0 is terribly delayed and will not be available in March.  The truth is that I'm still working on it.  I didn't want to simply add a few chapters to fill in the gaps of PTR3 and try to sell it as a new book.  If I did this, I would feel like I was cheating people who expect something new.  The new book will embrace all of the new technology in Reason and Record and will try to help beginners and intermediate users understand various aspects of recording and mixing.  Finding effective ways of communicating these ideas has been tough, but I've had some help from producers who have shared some great concepts.  I’ll keep you guys in the loop, though.

- One of your recent refills, Monologue, features samples you recorded from one of the world's most famous monophonic synthesizers.  These samples are absolutely beautiful, did you record these at home and what kind of gear did you use?

Monologue started as an experiment while working with a development version of Propellerhead Record.  I wanted to see how it would stand up if I sampled an instrument.  The results were really good, so I took it a step further and fashioned the first set of multisamples for the NN-XT based on the Record Sessions.  I recorded the samples in my home studio.  Just about everything I track runs through a D.I. and a mic-pre.  With the monologue samples, I used an old ADL Stereo Tube D.I., and a vintage Neve mic pre.  The signal was digitized with a Universal Audio 2192 interfaced to my workstation.

- Speaking of gear what does your home studio consist of?

My workstation is comprised of a few key pieces that I use all the time.  The Neve Pres, a Millennia Media Pre, a pair of Manley Compressors, a RS-124 Altec compressor, an Eventide H3000 (SE), a Lexicon 300, the UA 2192, a MOTU 896HD, and a Dangerous Music D-Box.  I monitor with a pair of old Genelec 1031As. I still have some other tube preamps, compressors, EQs, and a lot of MIDI modules and some nice analogue synths.  The real gem of my collection is a classic Buchla 200 system.  Most of my gear is stored and I’ll pull something out when I get the urge for a particular sound.  My mic collection is pretty modest and includes an AKG C12-VR, a Wunder Audio CM-7, a pair of B&K 4012 (DPA 4012), and other miscellaneous dynamic mics.

- Recently on the Propellerhead's forum many people have posted that they wished Dr. Rex would be upgraded (myself included), so that it could slice and dice and be more DJ friendly.   Shortly there after your newest refill, CycleOn came out and had many of the capabilities that people were asking for!  Where did the idea for this refill come from?

James Bernard always has a great demo that he develops around a control surface, and his performance is fun to watch because he’s not tied to a mouse.   This inspired me to develop presentations for the Producers Conferences in 2006/2007 where I showed people how to customize combis for live performance integration. The early setups for these live demos was based around Dr. REX switching systems connected through a series of effects devices like the beat repeater and other custom tweak patches.   Everything was mapped to a controller, so I never had to touch the mouse.  Over the years, I’ve been modifying the setup and managed to streamline the programming thanks to the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.  Eventually this took shape as one of the early CycleOn patches.

CycleOn was originally supposed to be introduced with the new book in a section dedicated to real-time performance combis.   The patch itself is complicated, so different elements like the crossfader, juggler, beat repeat, are separated into different projects.  Since I knew it would be delayed, I figured I would just put it out.  It was fortunate that my friends at Bitplant were willing to help, and James Bernard suggested the idea of including presets with some new loop content.

- I loved the video you did with Josh Mobley (aka Neoverse), Music Production with Reason 4, any chance you'll be doing another commercial video tutorial on the "Push Me Down" demo song for Record?  

Josh and I are still talking about doing a video tutorial for Record.  Personally, I’m a bit tired of the song, and need a little space from it before I dive into developing it.   We’re thinking of a different arrangement to make a fresh version that people haven’t heard yet.  There’s quite a bit of work involved in deconstructing and developing the presentation, so it will come in time.

- Speaking of "Push Me Down" that track has many different people working on it - James Bernard, Josh Mobley, Jodie Evans, Goh Nakamura, Tim Degaugh...  were you guys all in the same town to do this or was the track all done by trading files electronically?

Producing this track was a logistical nightmare because everyone is scattered in different parts of the world.  Originally I had everything scheduled and even booked studio time, but the deadline was pushed up by 10 days so I scrambled to get it all together under the gun.  Josh developed the initial track and sent it out to me where I worked out the structure and progression.  I then sent a mix to James, and he emailed me the bass track.  Goh came over to my place and we tracked guitars.  I then put the session on my laptop and went up to Tim’s practice space where we recorded the drums.  Jodie came up from LA to record vocals at my house, and we sent takes back to Josh for his approval.  After editing the comp tracks, the session then went back to Josh for a new arrangement.  We finally stitched it all together and sent it off to Sweden for final approval and mixing.

Obsessiosine by peff

- Your track "Obessiosine", which I've studied the .rps file for too many times to count, is a great example of what's capable with Reason software.   You have some other great tracks on your myspace page to listen to as well, any chance you'll be releasing an album any time soon, because I know for one I'd buy it?

I’ve moved most of my stuff over to SoundCloud.  They have a great feature which allows me to embed the player on my site, and everything is now on my music page.  The thought of working on new music has crossed my mind, but there are so many other projects on the table.  I’ve geared up to start working seriously on a music project, and the version of Obsessiosine on SoundCloud was the first attempt at a new production approach.  I imported the Reason Song file into Record and processed and re-recorded all of the parts with outboard effects like tube compressors, a moogerfooger ring modulator and analog delay pedals.   The final mix is comprised of reason devices processed through hardware.  The noise is more noticeable, but there’s a different character compared to the Reason only version.  

- Besides your work with Reason what else do you do and are passionate about?

Just so there’s no ambiguity, I really only work in Record+Reason now.  Occasionally, I launch Reason alone to work on patches, but most of the time I only launch Record.  Music technology is really my passion, but trying to make a living from it is tough.  One thing I didn’t like about running a studio was that I took something that I really love, making music, and turned it into work.  Now I only work on projects that excite me and won't encumber me with responsibilities - this keeps it fun and interesting. Reason users tend to be of the same ilk; we tend to be audiogeeks/wavenerds, and this community has fostered friendships with people who share this strange passion for music and technology.  Meeting other users is really one of the most rewarding things to come from this bit of technology.

Thanks for the great interview Peff! Stay tuned for another edition of 10 Questions...

Reason tutorial on using uncommon sounds for drums and percussion

This video talks about using odd sounds for use in Reason's Redrum instead of common drum libraries or stock sounds.

Link to glock bass drum sound:


4 tutorial - Ambient Pad

Here's one method how I make my pads. It's a time consuming process (and again its a 3 parter video). But it might help those people who are into ambient music or drone or anything that is pad related.

The basic idea what i mostly use is use the sound spectrum as a reference to shape the initial pad (hi, lows, mids) and then build bridges in between.

Saturday, March 27

The Magic Moog ReFill

Many of you are probably familiar with Nick Hutton's sound design work from the killer Nucleus SoundLab ReFills he's worked on, including Viral Outbreak and Filter Research. Or perhaps you've checked out his musical guise, Chapora, on myspace. With Nick's latest endeavor, The Magic Moog ReFill, he shines on his own with patches (like the name implies) inspired by the Moog sound. This refill has some great sounding patches, all of which are made with Reason's Thor synthesizer. No samples here. As Nick explains in the beginning of the extensive pdf booklet that comes with the free refill:

"This has been a little project that I have put together aimed mainly at the newcomer to synthesizers, albeit in the software world of Reason. Basically it’s a refill containing some Thor based patches for use in Reason that focus upon the Minimoog synth, the godfather of synths so to speak. I have chosen the Minimoog as it was the first real commercial synth that was within the reach of the general public. Also its design has since shaped the way much of the analogue and later digital and now software synthesizers have been developed. For the newcomer the beauty of the Minimoog is its relative simplicity. The clearly laid out structure of the synth helped a whole generation to come to terms with the then new concept of electronic synthesis. So for those of you who are at the start of your sound journey, seeing how the relationship between oscillators, filter, envelops and amplification work together to produce musical tones should I hope aid you."

From there Nick summarizes the history of Moog and how he went about achieving the sounds of a Minimoog with Thor. But don't let the intro fool you, anyone that loves the sound of analog synths will enjoy this refill, from the beginners to seasoned veterans. Obviously a lot of effort went into not only the patches with this refill but the presentation and thought behind the concept. With so many commercial soundbanks coming out on a regular basis it's great to see Nick spend time developing a free refill for Reason! Thanks Nick! Some of my favorite patches include "Weeble", "Tarkusish", "Sans Shirt", and "Catflapped Seq". Definitely head over to and download this fantastic new refill!

52 Reason / Record Tips #6- multi band processing

In this weeks episode James Bernard shows how to create multiband processors (like compression) in Reason and Record. He also shows a song file in Record using the channel dynamics in a mutilband spit for mastering. The files for this weeks episode are available for download at:

Friday, March 26

The Fairlight library for Reason

Five months in the making, my new Refill "Fairlight CMI Legacy" is now available from All music examples and sound programming by Patrick Fridh Aka Bitley™.

Propellerhead Record: Mixer Tips & Tricks #1: Sine Wave Sub Kick

From Matt's blog at

Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper demonstrates how to use sidechain routing along with the Gate feature on a channel of Record's mixer to add a sub-bass sine wave to each kick of the bass drum in an acoustic drum track.

Thursday, March 25

Bonjour Biscuit!

CL516.BLOGSPOT.COM. CL516 Blog checks out the new OTO Biscuit pedal. Sound clips also available, please visit the blog.

BI-Amped Combinator

Here's a fantastic looking amp combi from Raapie:

something I made :) can be used in Propellerhead Reason and Record

Wednesday, March 24

8-bit fx/processor Biscuit (out of the box + test) w/ Sleepdrone & Filterbank by Franck Smith

Zn'shñ member & soloist Franck Smith testing hybrid 8-bit effects/processor Biscuit by Oto Machines w/ Sleepdrone 5 as sound source and 2x Sherman Filterbank 2 (filterbank n°1 direct to filterbank n°2) .

Contents: gltchy patterns minimal pulses, subtle beats transformation, glitchy patterns, analog electronics, signal trajectory, glitch, clicks, analog oscillators, noise manufacturing...

(excerpts from Biscuit manual)
DO NOT EAT BISCUIT — we could add "... JUST FEED IT".
Details on Biscuit:


Material in this video:
- Sleepdrone 5 (by King Capitol Punishment)
- 2x Sherman Filterbank 2 (tabletop versions)
- Biscuit (by Oto Machines) *used in mono
N.B.— separate direct outputs 2 & 3 of Sleepdrone and main output are routed to Filterbank 2 via Nobels mix-41-C active mixer 4 in 1 (not shown on screen).

Sends & Returns in Drum Racks

Huston Singletary walks you through setting up internal Sends and Returns within Drum Racks.

Huston Singletary picks right up from the original tutorial and explains how to create a custom default preset containing the newly created Send & Return chains.
Tips on adding multiple Sends and mixing them internally within the Drum Rack is included as well.

Huston Singletary

Tuesday, March 23

Reaktor - Timely Sweeper

A musical sweeping tool that is a new take on the standard Reaktor envelope. By changing the typical log functions of the Reaktor envelope into bar and beat lengths, the traditional sweep machine can become much more musically inclined.
Created by: Mitchell Bederman

Monday, March 22

Ableton Tutorial - Sampling from Records in Ableton

GUESS WHO'S BACK?!?!! Everyone loves vinyl right?? Well let's look at using it. Basically just a quick look at how to sample from a record into Ableton Live. In just a few easy steps, and then you'll be on your way to chopping and warping in NO TIME!! Don't for get to SUBSCRIBE TO THE PAGE!! I'll have all types of stuff coming your way. And I'm always here to take any questions or anything you might have or need. CHECK OUT THAT PICTURE IN PICTURE ACTION OH MAN!!

Richard Hale & Peter Mew on Abbey Road 70s Drums

Video interviews with Richard Hale and Peter Mew, two vastly experienced audio engineers who have been recording artists at Abbey Road since the mid sixties.

Find out more at

Sunday, March 21

Propellerhead Reason 4 Tutorial - Vocoding Drums

Here's a 'different' approach on how I sometimes use the vocoder. First I'll explain the 'normal' approach, and halfway through I will do some 'crazy' stuff with vocoding drums

Saturday, March 20

Machinedrum Bugbrand modular session part2

Just having fun with the Bugbrand modular being process through the Machinedrum, the Flame Clockwork is clocking the Bugbrand CTL-1 which is playing the weevil. Nothing too serious just experimentation and fun to funky noises ;) Same settings and beat as yesterdays jam:

Daren Ager

Friday, March 19

52 Reason / Record tips - week 5: Samples who needs them?

In this week's tutorial, we're taking a look at how to create drum sounds using Reason's Thor synthesizer.

Machinedrum Bugbrand Modular Jam

Using the Machinedrum to filter and process the modular, the modular is being clocked from the Flame Clockwork, all sounds from the machinedrum, bug weevil, bug filter.
Daren Ager

Thursday, March 18

Micro Tutorial 20 - ReWire with Logic

Here's a look at how to set up a session with Logic as the ReWire host for Reason & Record. We'll look at how to set up ReWire inputs in Logic and how to patch separate audio outputs in Record.

Using Reason and Record with Logic - Chaka Blackmon

Chaka "ChakFather" Blackmon gives us an overview of his workflow with Reason and Record ReWired into Logic. We visited him in the studio as he was tracking vocals with talented singer Paige Adkins and got some inside tips on how he is using submixers in Record to route audio channels into Logic.

Wednesday, March 17

recycle and nnxt god only knows

Using NN-Xt and Recycle to cut Vocal loops from the track "god only knows" showing how you can make a sweet track. sorry the voice over is low im still trying to get all the levels correct. Anyways check out my site on a NEW host now so downtime if you did go before shouldnt exist. Enjoy

MPC to Reason & Record - Create a Refill

Jeremy Ellis walks you through the final step of creating a Refill.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel so you can stay up to date with new videos!

Jeremy Ellis (JeremyAyro) on Twitter


A Don Garbutt creation with granular synthesis, wave-table synthesis with modulation routing matrix and mod wheel record memory, multiple filters and filter types, 17 envelope generators, sync-able multi-waveform oscillator with FM and portamento, filtered and tunable noise source, 8 LFOs, keyboard splits, 5-section mixer, stereo chorus, aftertouch, MIDI control and automation, This is a creation of mine using Reaktor, by Native Instruments. The wave-table section is a modification of the Oki-Computer 2 instrument. This is inspired by Wolfgang Palm, inventor of the PPG Wave instruments. More videos with detailed discussions of separate sections and internal construction...

MPC to Reason & Record - Recycle the Samples

Jeremy Ellis walks you through the process chopping and exporting MPC samples for later use as Reason & Record Instruments. Next video is about loading your samples into an NN-XT...

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Jeremy Ellis (JeremyAyro) on Twitter

Tuesday, March 16

TR-808 and Tenori-On

This Roland TR-808 has the Kenton MIDI retrofit which allows each sound to be triggered via MIDI. The Tenori-On layer used here is in Bounce mode which is one of the more fun modes to experiment with. Each note sounds when its light bounces against the bottom row of the Tenori-On.

Danz Rokcore

Music video featuring my latest song. This 160 bpm dance genre is not my typical style, but I do like to explore and create new possibilities, thus the reference to my new genre I call "rokcore" or a blend of rock and hardcore genres.

MPC to Reason & Record - Programming the MPD

Jeremy Ellis walks you through the process of programming your MPD for use as a controller for Reason or Record. Next video is about chopping up your MPC samples in Recycle...
Jeremy Ellis

MPC to Reason & Record - Programming the MPC

Jeremy Ellis walks you through the process of programming your MPC for use as a controller for Reason or Record. Next video is about programming your MPD...
Jeremy Ellis

Roland SPD S as MIDI drum trigger input for Ableton Live Session Drums

How to use the Rohland SPD S as a MIDI drum trigger input for Ableton Live Session Drums

Monday, March 15

OTO Biscuit at BCM

Here's our first noodle with the incredible OTO Biscuit using the Studio Electronics SE-1X Red Eye as our source.

The Biscuit (pronounced bis-quee in French) is a stereo bit crushing effect with an analog multimode filter, true 8-bit pitch shifting, delay with midi sync, wave-shaping, and a filter sequencer. The Biscuit can save 16 presets, receive midi clock sync, cc and program changes.

The built in analog filter sounds amazing and has low, high and band-pass modes. There are dedicated dry and wet amount knobs which are labeled, "naked" and "dressed". There's also built in overdrive on the input with adjustable amount.

The Biscuit is a must-have sound shaping tool. The king of bit crushing has arrived!

Big City Music

Oto Biscuit now in stock @ Big City Music!

The OTO Biscuit is in my opinion the most exciting effects device to come out since Korg made the Kaoss Pad. Gritty Bit Reduction, Pitch Shifting, Delay, Waveshaping, and Step Filtering - all at 8 Bits! Pick one up now at Big City Music for $595! Or best yet, get me one as a belated birthday gift. Come on, I'll only turn 29 a dozen or so times ;-).

Videos courtesy of OTO Machines

Ned Rush =

glitch kitsch

Sunday, March 14

Vegetable Violence

Promo video for the upcoming debut library from Hiss and a,
a new venture by the maker of the fantastic Music of Sound Blog.

Saturday, March 13

Pantheon II Reason Refill - Further Demo Track

This is a demo song for the Nucleus SoundLab Refill Pantheon II. Its called Further and was written by Adam Fielding.

You can find out more about Pantheon II at:

Ned Rush = Thor patch i

Like the sound of this? Pick up the ep by Ned Rush's alter ego, Rude_NHS!

Friday, March 12

Propellerhead Record + Reason: Playing Guitar Through the Reason Synths (Part 2)

From Matt's blog at

Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper demonstrates how to process electric guitar with Reason's Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, using Propellerhead Record together with Propellerhead Reason.

See Part 1

Elektron Monomachine+Machinedrum+Xstation25+Blofeld Live Jam 17

52 Reason / record tips - week 4: Unlocking the secrets of CV & Gate.

Week 4 is here and this time James shows you the basics of the Contol Volt and Gate features in Reason and Record. Many users shy away from CV/Gate for fear of not knowing what they do, but CV/Gate is an immensely powerful feature and quite straightforward to use once you grasp the basic concept.

Wednesday, March 10

Ned Rush = Rex Masher!

Mr. Ned Rush, aka rude_NHS, has a refill coming out in May! And judging by this preview video, I couldn't be more excited:

a preview of one of the machines that will be in my ReFill coming out in May. Mashup your Rex loops live on the fly without having to put them into the sequencer. i'm very excited about this. Get into it you horny little ravers!
Mr Ned Rush

Evolve Mutations 2

EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 features over 300 presets of completely new and unique instruments for the modern composer and sound designer. MUTATIONS 2 is more than a 'sequel' to the original EVOLVE MUTATIONS. In addition to the newly designed user interface, there are radical new effects available to tweak and shape your sound.

Multi Band Delays using Propellerhead Record

This video shows how you can use a series of Vocoders and Delay units in Record to create a Multi-Band Delay FX Combinator. You're not limited to Delays though. You can use any kind of effects chains and create any number of bands (up to 32) to create some pretty wild Effects. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas for this type of technique I'd love to hear it. In the video, you'll also learn how to make the DDL-1 device a Stereo device.
Reason 101

Tuesday, March 9

Dubspot: Ableton Live Intro Sessions: Afrobeat, Funk & Soul

Martin Perna (Antibalas, Ocote Soul Sounds, Dap Kings, TV on the Radio), DJ Rich Medina, Marcos Garcia (Chico Mann), Mark Hines (The Marksmen), DJ Kat (Chico Mann) get a lesson in Drum Racks with Dubspot's DJ Kiva (Adios Babylon). The training session is the first in a series at the school. Look for more artists flipping the Ableton switch with Dubspot. see more


Like Tenori-On on your Smartphone! As good as any synth app yet for iPhone, this is amazing synth power and fun usability in a small package you can take anywhere.

Just don't be surprised if you miss a few phone calls using your Windows Mobile machine to make music instead!

(Hopefully they will make this for iPhone / iPad after I get one of those! They could sell a million copies.)

Sweetwater - Korg nanoKontrol & nanoPad on Moog Little Phatty & Korg R3

A unique demo of tricks you can pull of with Korg's affordable nano series controllers. In this video, Daniel Fisher uses the nanoKONTROL and the nanoPAD alongside synths from Moog and Korg plus the B4II organ plug-in from Native Instruments. Don't miss the trick with the nanoPAD's trackpad at the end.


Korg's new KAOSSILATOR PRO Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder may look like the KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler, but they are very different... This video shows you what makes them unique.

KAOSSILATOR PRO- Recording External Audio

One of the greatest features of the new KAOSSILATOR PRO is its ability to record external audio, with or without effects, and loop it the same way you would with the internal sounds. This video will show you how it works!

DJ / rupture - Daytripping

mudd up!

Monday, March 8

Recue - Leftover Love

Burning like a silver flame

actual demo song venus

this is the new addition to my collection of cheep keyboards from yesterday. Mu-tations: Part 1 - An intro to Mu

This is the first part in a series on Mu, The new Ableton Live Controller for the Lemur. Mu's integration with M4L is unprecedented and gives you a whole lot of flexibility in terms of control. This first part will show you how to setup Mu and take you through all of it's features. The next part of the series will show you how it all works in M4L! Watch this in HD whenever possible.

** Please Note: This is still a beta release and all specifications are subject to change on final release **

How to get that Kill Paris Sound

Electro Ernie (French Producer of Kill Paris) show's you how he made Kill Paris's first Single, "Almost There"


TEMPO SYNCHED! And I'll tell you how.


KORG(コルグ)の坂巻さんが発売目前のカオシレータープロ( KAOSSILATOR PRO)を持って我家を訪れた!

VX-351 CV Output Expander for the Minimoog Voyager

Brian Kehew takes us on a quick tour of the VX-351

Sunday, March 7

Amen Break meets Funky Drummer

Having some fun with the UW 12-bit sample engine :) High quality audio available @

World Drum Loops Vol.1

New set from The Loop Loft:

We’ve taken an eclectic mix of rhythms and sounds from all over the world and combined them into one highly diverse loop pack. With drum and percussion grooves hailing from areas like Jamaica, Africa, Cuba, South India and Trinidad, World Drum Loops Volume 1 will supply you with a unique arsenal of culturally and geographically inspired loops and sounds.

Number of Loops: 97
Tempo Range: 86-166 BPM

- Instant Downloads
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
- WAV, REX2 and AIFF Formats

Sets included:

Click below to preview:

World Drum Loops Vol 1 by thelooploft

$34.95 at in WAV, AIFF & REX2!

27 Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator

First test of my live AV setup in Ableton for performances... live mix of 27 dimensional harmonic oscillator.

Saturday, March 6

bitBUMPER Deluxe V2!

The very first refill I bought for Reason was bitBUMPER Deluxe. Lo-Fi noise, Rozzbox samples, LSDJ beats, this refill had all the sounds I was looking for at the time. So when I read on that Soundcells was releasing an updated version it piqued my interest.

Here's the press release:

bitBUMPER deluxe V2 - the ultimate 4 and 8 bit Pandora Box filled with hundreds of low bit surprises. This ReFill is your best friend when you're looking for inspiring new sounds with a character and a bite - it sounds cool, adventurous, nostalgically warm and noisy at the same time! To catch this character some amazing sources were sampled: RozzBox One, QuadraSID, the old grey gameboy from 1989 with "nanoloop 1" and "littlesounddj", the gameboy advance sp from 2003 with "nanoloop 2" and the nintendo ds lite from 2006 with "ds electroplankton" and "Korg DS-10". Version 2 adds some cool DS10 loops and many new combinator patches...
"bitBUMPER deluxe V2" is much bigger, even more fun to play with and it´s still your best friend when you're looking for "Quality LoFi".
Every "bitBUMPER deluxe" patch has been tweaked according to Soundcells´ current high standards of quality and all users will find that these new patches mingle and mix even better with eachother than before.
With bitBUMPER deluxe V2 the art of lofi has reached a new era!
bitBUMPER deluxe Contents:

360+ combinators (130 (!) new ones since version 2) containing keys, pads, basses, leadsounds, FX, drums, bleeps, noises and percussion.
40 scream patches helping you to lofi your sound.
30 RPG-8 controlled rex loop patches, great for live gigs!
400 unique low bit samples.
160 NNXT patches, 126 rexloops.

Great for music in all styles

Pricing and Availability:
39 Euros until the end of March (normally 49)

Reason Patch a Day ReFill

Robb over at the Reason Patch a Day Blog has just uploaded an archival refill that collects many of the great patches you've downloaded for the past year and half on his site! The refill contains:

70 Bass Patches
49 Effect Combinators
20 Instrument Combinators
15 Effect Patches
177 Pad Patches
72 Percussion Patches
130 Synth Patches
12 Sampler Patches
4 Yamaha Drum Machine Kits (with additional variations)
Misc samples

He's asking for a small donation for the refill (a buck and up) and having perused the patches last night I can assure you it's well worth it!

Go to Reason Patch a Day for more information and to download.

Friday, March 5

Creativity with Torley

Olympic Patches for Reason and Record

Layered Synth Patches with all the parameters programmed. These patches can be used in Reason or Record. The video provides an example of the sounds that can be created with them. This came out of a desire to create sounds that reminded me of the Winter games in Vancouver 2010. For more information, visit

Thursday, March 4

CycleOn for Record Now Available!

Peff's latest refill for Propellerhead's software, #35 CycleOn, is now available on for FREE for Record owners. This refill is a blast to play with and comes with some great Rex files to get you started... as well as a stunning backdrop from the boys at Bitplant.

Description from

CycleOn is a real-time playback system for ReCycle REX loops. This combinator based instrument patch is designed to create live performance and DJ Style effects using Propellerhead Software Record + Reason 4 (both applications are required). The combinator is the creation of Kurt Kurasaki (Peff), and features graphics by Bitplant. The Peff 035 - CycleOn Combinator Refill comes with about 120 preset patches and includes content from Loopmasters, GW Childs, Goh Nakamura, and Tim Bulkley.

The main features of CycleOn include Tempo Synchronized Loop Playback; crossfading between two loops; auto-synchronized start and stop; loop start re-triggering effects; delay based audio juggling; a dual stage beat repeater effect; and one-click effect initiator buttons. The controls are programmed to be used in a live situation, and when used in conjunction with a control surface, CycleOn patches form the foundation of a compelling performance piece.

Don't have Record yet? Don't forget if you already own Reason you can pick up Record for a mere $149. That price includes an upgrade to Reason 4 (if you happen to still be rocking Reason 3.0 or below) and a dongle, which James Bernard has assured me is not a sex toy.

52 Reason Record Tips: Week 3 - Advanced Dub Step Wobble Bass Sound Design

In the third episode, James Bernard gives you even more tips on creating dub step wobble bass sounds in Record and Reason.

Get the files for this tutorial here:

Wednesday, March 3

The Moog Guitar Overview by Fareed Haque

Fareed Haque takes us on a quick tour of The Moog Guitar. This video was filmed during Fareed's work on the new CD, DISCOVERY - Garaj Mahal and Fareed Haque Present The Moog Guitar. It's a great look at The Moog Guitar's innovative features and is included on the physical CD of the album.

DISCOVERY is available on iTunes and on the Moog website at...

In addition to his work with Garaj Mahal, jazz, classical and world music virtuoso Fareed Haque has played with a stellar list of top artists including Sting, Joe Zawinul and Medeski, Martin and Wood. Throughout his career he has balanced a love of guitar tradition with a spirit of sonic exploration, making The Moog Guitar the perfect musical vehicle for him.

Earthquakes Generate Music in Realtime

Tectonic is a sound sculpture created in real time by earthquakes as they occur across the globe. A tightly integrated system between Max/MSP, Google Earth and Ableton Live processes a stream of real-time data that is translated into synthesis and sample playback parameters.

Tuesday, March 2

Propellerhead Reason 4 tutorial The Drum Flam effect

Here's a simple tutorial about how to create a flam effect.

One Got EMS Synthi VCS3

You should be watching me turning the dials and patching the pins on the EMS Synthi VCS3, but my video camera corrupted the file. So instead you get to hear the VCS3 provide a new soundtrack for the strange 60's cycling safety film 'One Got Fat'. I didn't 'write to picture' so its no work of art! But I do think the VCS3 offers a suitably weird soundtrack to this already odd film.

moving midi notes in reason 4

Monday, March 1

Reason and Live

The External Instrument Device makes working with Reason and Live really easy. This video goes through the steps necessary to get these two programs talking to each other. This is a response to a discussion in my Advanced Music Production course at Check it out here:

Have fun. Make music.